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Stories you might’ve missed, Jan 24

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‘My breast is out’ — DJ Jade Rasif doesn’t know how to wear her crop t-shirt, asks how to wear it


Photo: IG screengrab/djjaderasif

SINGAPORE — DJ Jade Rasif shared in her Instagram stories her dilemma about her black top. She was given two options: one was to wear the top so that she exposed her breasts, or the other, wherein her breasts were covered. But both these options seemed to look wrong for her.

“Someone I do not know how to wear this t-shirt,” the DJ said as she tried to figure out how to adjust and wear the crop top properly. “Is it like this but then my breast is out so obviously it is not right,” Jade mentioned as she showed the first option to the camera.

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‘S$11 for chicken & egg?’ — Customer asks if he has grown old or if the market has gone crazy


Photo: FB screengrab

SINGAPORE — A photo of chicken meat and egg got a customer asking if he has grown old or if the market has “going crazy” after paying S$11 for the meal.

A photo of an omelette with rice and fried chicken was posted on the Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Sunday (Jan 22) with the caption, “S$11 for a chicken and egg? Am I already old, or is the market already going too crazy?”

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‘Please be a civilized person’ — Woman tells upstairs neighbour who always hangs ‘super wet floor mat & mop over balcony’


Photo: Facebook screengrab/COMPLAINT SINGAPORE

SINGAPORE — In a country where space is limited, a little consideration and thoughtfulness between people who live next to each other can go a long way. Otherwise, one might end up being complained about on social media instead, just like an upper-floor resident who appears to regularly leave his “super wet watery floor mat and mop” on his balcony.

Ms Lai Mei Fonh, a neighbour, wrote in a post on the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Sunday (Jan 22) about the problem, posting a photo of the water damage on her ceiling as well. She appealed to the neighbour, “Please be a civilized person ,” adding, “Evidence speaks.”

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Son who doesn’t like his dad asks if it’s ‘culturally acceptable for me to return angbao money back to him?’


SINGAPORE — When one local Singaporean having a difficult relationship with his father asked, “Is it culturally acceptable for me to return the (angbao) money back to him?” many netizens offered helpful answers.

The Reddit user appealed for help on Monday (Jan 23), the day after Chinese New Year, on r/askSingapore: “Sorry if this is an odd question, ill cut to the chase. My dad paynow’d me angbao money for CNY. For reasons that i will not get into, I do not like my dad. I resent him for the things he’s done and i don’t want his money.

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Xiaxue complains about families visiting relatives in the morning during CNY, asks why must it be a ‘morning thing’


Photo: IG screengrab/xiaxue

SINGAPORE — Xiaxue, a 38-year-old Singaporean blogger and online television personality, is known for her provocative style of expressing her opinions.

This time around, in an Instagram Story, Xiaxue complained about families visiting relatives in the morning during Chinese New Year.

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