A customer was surprised to pay S$8 for a piece of fish on his mixed rice, noting food prices are “really crazy.”

Facebook group Complaint Singapore member Sung Charles shared a photo of his meal purchased from Blk 504 Jurong West.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

He said that the mixed rice was S$12 in total, and the slice of fish cost him S$8.

The post got members of the online community commenting on the price, with one joking if the fish came from a mermaid.

Netizens debated whether the price was justifiable given it was a more expensive type of fish.

“That fish looks like threadfin, which is an expensive item,” said Facebook user Michael Koh.

Meanwhile, others agreed that the fish was seabass, which is “very ordinary or another common fish.”

“Yes, look very much like seabass,” said another Facebook user. “Economy rice stalls usually don’t sell threadfin, which is too expensive,” he added.

“Not threadfin; it’s seabass,” added another netizen, confirming that S$8 for the meal was super overpriced.

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Others advised customers to be prepared to pay extra for fish dishes at mixed rice stalls, and to always ask for the price first.

“When you order in future, do ask and you have the right to reject no gun pointing at you, and yes it’s ridiculously expensive, but to avoid paying more ASK rather than you complain behind after that,” commented Facebook user Yee Yi Qi.

One KC Koh listed the items that are more expensive at mixed rice stalls. “Don’t order fish, chicken cutlets, pork chop, chicken drumstick, wings, or minced meatballs from mixed veg stalls. These are separated pricing items. Usually quite expensive.”

Facebook user Joseph Sim wondered if it was time for stalls to list out prices for better awareness.

“Question is why that person is buying them, or maybe in future the authorities need the food seller to list out the prices of his food for the consumer to be aware before buying.” /TISG

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ByHana O