A 15-year-old journalist would-be, Quinn Mitchell, who once put Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on the spot with a thought-provoking question, found himself at the center of another political drama last Friday.

As DeSantis graced the stage at the First in the Nation Leadership Summit in Nashua, New Hampshire, young Mitchell was escorted out of the event by local police.

Quinn Mitchell vs. Gov. DeSantis

The encounter between the teen journalist and Governor DeSantis began in June during a New Hampshire appearance, where Mitchell had boldly questioned whether former President Donald Trump had “violated the peaceful transfer of power, a key principle of American democracy that we must uphold” with his efforts to overturn the presidential election. DeSantis’s response, artfully avoiding the query, quickly went viral and became headline news.

The saga continued during a July 4 parade, where Mitchell told CNN that he felt subjected to “intimidation” by DeSantis’s security team, claiming it infringed on his right to free speech.

The latest chapter in this political showdown occurred at the First in the Nation Leadership Summit when the 15 year-old was unexpectedly bounced from the event, leaving him taken aback. He reported being told, “‘We know who you are,” as he was shown the door, leaving him to express his surprise on Twitter, saying, “Really stupid they did it again.”

The youngster, however, remained steadfast in his assertion that he had done nothing wrong and that his mother would never take him to another political event if he had caused any disruptions, stating, “Not my style.”

Eviction a mistake?

Jimmy Thompson, a spokesperson for the New Hampshire Republican Party, conveyed to The New York Times that Mitchell’s eviction was a mistake.

According to Thompson, “During the course of the two-day event, an overzealous volunteer mistakenly made the decision to have Quinn removed from the event, thinking he was a ‘Democrat tracker.’”

Fortunately, the assertive youngster was allowed to rejoin the event, where he was “free to enjoy the rest of the summit,” as explained by Thomson. This turn of events sets the stage for potential future clashes between the tenacious young journalist and Governor DeSantis.

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