SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), and Internal Security Department issued a joint statement on Nov 2 telling foreign nationals who are living or working here to not use Singapore as a “a platform to further their political causes.”

“Singapore adopts a zero-tolerance approach against any acts of extremism, violence or terrorism. Any individual who engages in such acts will be dealt with swiftly in accordance to the law,” reads the statement, which was published on Wednesday afternoon on the Facebook account of MOM.

The notice was also sent via the SGWorkPass app, Mothership reported on Nov 3. The message accompanying the notice asked app users to read the advisory. The advisory lists seven specific points addressed to foreign workers in Singapore, which are as follows:

Singapore has zero tolerance for any form of extremism, violence and terrorism. Anyone engaging in such acts will be severely dealt with under the Singapore law.

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Do not support or import foreign politics into Singapore. This includes the public display of materials such as banners, flags and posters.

Do not write, post or share any information in person or online which may stir up emotions that result in violence or cause hatred among different races or religions. Doing so is an offence punishable under Singapore law. Offenders may be barred from working in Singapore.

Do not speculate or spread unverified information… that may cause discomfort to others.

If you would like to make donations to help victims… do it through official channels, such as the Singapore Red Cross Society… This is to ensure that donations are used for genuine purposes.

Do not send money or support any terrorist group, as it is an offence under the Terrorism (Suppression of Financing) Act. If convicted, you could be jailed and/or fined.

Stay vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activities or persons who may display signs of radicalisation to the police at 1800–255–0000 or the Internal Security Department at 1800–2626–473.

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