Will citizens not rock the boat and choose the absolute power and discretion of the PAP Government?


By: James Aruldoss

We have a greedy and insecure Government that hoards, amasses wealth for its own good, with a deluded and deceptive syndrome (like a bee in your bonnet) that “there is never enough”, backing reasons like “country with no natural resources” and citing policies “to benefit the poor and marginalised”.

Really! We have gone past that years ago!

As long as we have our uncles and aunties cleaning toilets, floors and tables in the food centres when they should be enjoying the twilight years, and the complete contrast of high ministerial/public servants salaries, how do you account for that or even justify it? Where is the improved livelihood?

Clearly, it’s a testament of how the Government is treating their citizens.

What do you think captures the young Singaporeans when they see old folks doing what they do instead of enjoying the benefits of the land? What enters their mind? A deep sense of insecurity subconsciously permeating and welling up within, in the psyche that indelibly produces a crippling effect of not wanting to get married, to have babies or to work endlessly to the grave, if not already so … thoughts of not having enough to fend for themselves, the fate of ending up like the uncles and aunties and the word “retired” turning into an ugly word.

What’s the point of boasting a strong dollar or a strong passport or an incredible airport and all the glitz of a cosmopolitan 1st world city at the costly price and state of its citizens.

There is now a deep distrust with the PAP Government. It’s time for us to think, act and courageously vote differently at the ballot box.

We must stop the self-deluded and self-destructive excuse that there ain’t enough talent in Singapore, or in other political parties other than PAP. We are Singaporeans, all the same, no different from the other.

Observe closely. We have a Law/Home Affairs minister who continues to conjure up every conceivable law to police our country, with its intention to police our minds. Where is this directive from or is he acting on his own?

Will we choose to remain status quo, not to rock the boat, and prefer the continuing absolute power and discretion of the PAP Government? You decide!


  1. Agree with James that our government is greedy, hoarding wealth for themselves but raising taxes to make the poor, homeless!
    As we can see lots of senior citizens cleaning public toilets, cleaning tables, collect cardboard and aluminum cans, when they are supposed to enjoy Swiss standard of retirement holidays in their sunset years, before migrating to the next world!
    Singaporeans must wake up, to decide for a better life to vote for oppositions in GE2019 so as to achieve happiness and prosperity in our sunset years

  2. as far as i m concern they r history they milk us poor sporean long enough . short change us in every way they possiblly can. n a brunch of lying pricks in parliment . i m migrating so i dont really fuck care . hope spore go to the shits hole soon. i m just sad for the poor sporean. even the media is their mouth piece . there is more but what the hell nothing going to change unless people power comes in . u cant tame a tiger can only kill it . or lock it up for good

  3. We Singapore are the FIRST WORLD COUNTRY. No talent in Singapore? No. The gov wants FOREIGN LEVY only. Every foreigners working in Singapore must pay FL. If jobs were given to Singaporeans, no levy collected. What the PAP want is $$$. They dont care Singaporean jobless or not. Wake up Singaporean.

  4. PR/ new citizens are mostly in their late 30s or early 40s .. obviously they can’t meet cpf minimum sum when they purchase their resale flats… So we Singaporeans are expected to pay more to contribute to their health care , retirement while most would cash out when ready ..

  5. The talented people earns big money. If you are one and still have a family burden on your shoulder, would you come out and serve your country at token salary? Talk is easy lah!
    You can named a few of such talented people among the cabinet ministers, they had to be convinced and persuaded to come out. We can’t expect them to provide free service but to pay them reasonably and not expecting to match American CEO salary and bonus.
    Whatever it is, we need people with good brain to chart the way for Singapore, be it the ruling party or opposition or anyone who put your points forward and subject to robust debate.. not any Tom Dick Harry kuching kurut that shout slogan and create kiosk

    • Not asking them to not take salary, just asking them to take reasonable salary.
      With authority comes privilege. Most, if not everything will be paid by tax payers so why worry?

      In a company, there is shareholders. In this case, let the shareholders decide how much they get, not themselves.

      • Let me tell you what is reasonable.
        Trump’s salary is $1. China’s XiJinPing is $20,000 a YEAR.
        Both are running the two biggest economies in the world.
        It would already be considered too much to pay those PAP clowns peanuts.

      • The salary will even be more if you peg to public listed company CEO, whose salary is approved by the board and share holders, tens or even hundreds of millions for some American or even local company!
        We need talent with the heart to serve the country! When there is such a person we can’t be paying him $20k engineer’s pay!!!
        Donald Trump’s salary is $1, yes but how much intangible benefits he gained for his business when he became P of America? Nobody knows!
        XiJinPing has no business dealing under his name but his relatives have. And you know in the past what other many $ benefits a politician get in China.
        We shouldn’t end up like them.

  6. Talk is easy our citizens treated unfairly & unhealthy in his own country. Seeking no help in this country. I got no suffered for any cervical spine C3/4Neck. Tan Tock Seng Hospital Dr Ernest Wang insisted said to me. If i did not go for the surgery my condition were getting worse and worsen due to paralysed. Dr Ernest Wang some more said to me surgery is to prevent my condition getting worse and worsen due to paralysed. After surgery performed by Dr Ernest Wang my condition getting worse and worsen due to permanently unfit for work. Lose of earnings capacity. How to survived in future. To be honest last time I give all my fully support to the government. Even the first Prime Minister & his wife left this world. I do all my best send them the last life journey. Their house got the cctv can be the witness. Now I end up this problem Seeking no help in this country. I only can say is very sad.

    • Kiam Sou Pek I only can Said is Patient pay full surgery fees and full hospital bill. After surgery performed by the doctor. Badly compressed the spinal cord. Cause patient permanently lose of earnings capacity. Hospital should show some responsibility and mercy to help up the patient. Let the world all the people who looking into this case. Can feel that Spore stilled got hope country.

    • We can’t say much about medical problem but if you have any difficulties, go seek help from your MP to get social workers to help to look into your case rather than fight lonely against the hospital or keeping silent.
      I know they have meeting the people session once every week, they’ll be able to help. Some people even traffic offence also seek help from MP!

  7. Dear Singaporean,

    this is the Minister whom you once choose to VOTE and this is the very Minister/MP who open up the Flood gate to bring in more foreigner into our countries and Foreign Talent are taking away NOT just your job nor our jobs nor my jobs ONLY but also they are here to take away our CHILDREN Jobs as well as our FUTURE Generation Jobs and best to be replace by these FUTURE New Citizenship who will being in NOT a TRUCK-Load of their Families and Friends nor Relatives BUT a PLANE-LOAD of them and I am asking you guys and woman out their Natural Borned Singaporean as well as Soldiers of Singapore Armed Forces ….
    WHY on Earth you Need so much Defence Budget or even Defence Singapore or WHY do you really NEED to send your Chidren to ITE/POLYTECHNIC/Universities and even the older Singaporean WHY Skill-Future or Upgrading???? WHY ! WHY ! WHY !

    Don’t Make Sense Defending Singapore and is our Education or University so lacking that the other Foreign Talents or New Citizen learn their Mathematics/Sciences/English much better then us or is there a change in Alphabet or Numbering System??

    NOW, I challenge my Fellow Singaporean whom travelled the Earth and came home to Singapore, ask ourselves a question WHY we Singaporean cannot engage our own CITIZEN to be Manag-ers/CEO or even Senior Manager/Supervisor or workers in our own countries????

    WHY Our PAP MP/Minister raises Taxes & GST or even take in more New Citizens is because of these few reason but there is a MAIN PURPOSE to doing that and it is to Create Cost of Living Very HIGH beyond the affortablilities of your Parents/Friends/Relatives called Nature Borned Singaporean to MOVE out of SINGAPORE at their OWN accord without having themselves (PAP) to be blame for CHASING OUT their own Singaporean/Flesh & Blood in the eyes of the “Human Right Code of Rules/Conduct”

    This is NOT a Rumour nor a Lies to Scare you ALL BUT it’s the TRUTH and it’s written all over the years if you really sit back and think and look through and BROWSE the Policies they slow and gradually created for their OWN & Families & Relatives as well as the FRIENDS Benefits.

    And one such policies I can Name is the “Private Data Protection Policy or Law” and also recently the “FAKE News” are only 2 examples of their idealogies of Scheming for their FUTURE (given to or in-volved in making secret and underhand plans.
    “they had mean, scheming little minds” & cunning, crafty, calculating, devious, designing, conniving, wily, sly, tricky, artful, guileful, slippery, slick;

    So My fellow TRUE Singaporean & Opposition and Human Right …..PUT on your THINKING CAP and STOP being Selfish.

    • You also need to put on your thinking cap and think harder, you can’t be asking all foreigners to pack up and go…..do you want your children to sweep the street, become labourer working under the hot sun with miserable salary? This kind of jobs even you pay high salary also no young Singaporean will take up.
      Luckily you are not the gov, if not the businesses will suffer and can’t find workers to work and Singapore economy will suffer and viciously spiral down.
      It is market supply and demand, all businessman will want to employ cheap and good labour to be more profitable! The gov had implemented min salary for S pass holder so they can’t be too cheap to take up the job and Singaporean can compete on quality of our education system, etc.
      What’s wrong with “Private Data Protection Policy or Law” (isn’t it supposed to protect individual ‘s privacy and prevent abuse??) and “Fake News” (isn’t it good to stamp out news that are not truthful that create chaos and hurt the society??)

    • Agree! I’ll vote with my 2 hands and 3 legs!
      Good imagination! I can see in the horizon a dream paradise is forming and people are enjoying the coconuts, feel like eating fish just need to throw a fish line and wait for the fish to get hook………WOW!
      In reality……please don’t wake me up!