Featured News Singapore skyline featured in Westworld Season 3 trailer

Singapore skyline featured in Westworld Season 3 trailer

Netizens and fans excited that the show's producers find the city-state's skyline futuristic.




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Singapore’s skyline appears to have been featured in the latest trailer for the third season of HBO’s criticscience fiction series, Westworld.

Eagle-eyed Reddit user u/cherenkov_blue spotted the skyline and uploaded a screenshot showing the image on the Singapore subreddit earlier today. He said that he first identified the Maybank tower and noted that the shot is a view of the Raffles Place area, across the Singapore River:

Another netizen, u/BT-Reddit, suggested that the image could have been photoshopped and flipped laterally since only the right half of the image accurately depicts the skyline:

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u/cherenkov_blue’s original post has received about 400 posts since he published it on Reddit. Netizens responding to the post discussed their love for the series and expressed excitement that the city-state has been featured in the show’s trailer:

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