Popular US website features President Halimah Yacob as one of 12 women who run the world


US pop culture website NowThis has featured Singapore President Halimah Yacob as one of 12 women who run the world.

The popular web publication identified 12 women, as part of its 2017 in Review series, who have been elected into office around the world.

Besides President Halimah, this list includes New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Iceland Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasan, Australian Senator Penny Wong, as well as 7 US politicians: Senator Catherine Cortez, Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith,  Mayors Preet Didbal and Latoya Cantrell, State Representatives Teresa Alonso and Ilhan Omar, along with Democratic Party member Danica Roem.

Interestingly, the video includes more than one clip and a short description of the values all the female politicians it has featured hold – all except for President Halimah.

The video only describes the head of state as the first woman president of Singapore and includes only one silent clip of her – leaving her part in the video in stark contrast to the other women, all of whom have more than one shot and more information about themselves.

Take a look at the video here:

Women Who Ran for Office in 2017

In 2017, women didn't just run the world, they ran for office

Posted by NowThis Her on Wednesday, 27 December 2017


  1. Run the World? Or run away? Keppel Offshore & Marine corruption case, US$422 million of our Reserves run away already … she still had not said a single word to “safeguard / protect” our Reserves? … lol.

  2. The hat does not fit her especially she is “Fake Malay” The whole world knows that she is genetics Indian origin! The fire lady President who disown her Indian ancestors and refused to live in Istana! Not my president, because we don’t have a chance to vote at all

  3. Are you kidding? She should not be featured at all! She is just a puppet dancing to the strings of the puppet master or mistress! She should be ashamed to be called Elected President!

  4. No body voted for her only dominated by White for ceremony purposes and for old ages and Charities!!Drawing Millions tax payer money for first world but citizens live in crokcoahs invested houses!!!

  5. They did not feature the values that she holds because she as somebody who forsakes even her own race for money and glory has no redeeming values for them to feature.

  6. What to display alongside the others’ credentials? Dubious ethnicity, no corporate experience, PAP puppet to prevent another one to take the presidency, selected not elected, false do-gooder who put up hdb-as-istana drama, quietism when she needs to speak up…… in a word, a clown under the arch clown called Lee Hsien Loong

  7. A real puppet like Kermit the Frog probably has more influence than her. The stated reason for her coming to office is to unite Singaporeans. But without an electoral mandate, I don’t see how she can do that.

  8. Run the world? On what basis? She can’t even stand up when she is labeled a Malay when she is Indian! Where is the integrity and core values? I guess there is none

  9. Run the world?? It is in fact a big joke to include this fake malay selected president who is just a puppet with no gut to challenge any wrong doing by the ruling party!

  10. Media companies that publish her really are useless. Publishing an appointed president praising a woman capability is a disgrace to woman Gender. ‍♂️‍♂️.

  11. How the so called reserved elected presidency played out is a total sham. The government just wanted to install one of their stooges as president and created this whole charade to make it seem legit. If you look at how autocracies are run, SG definitely follows the playbook to a t.

  12. Its seem alot of chinese barbarian make bad comment in here, if singaporean know the history of temasek are belong to malay, but when traders from barbarian china came make more sins in here, gambling gangsterism evil doers. All about money talk…No more peace and love. Respect the president she not the one are to blame.. to blame is ur uncle Mr. Lee

  13. This is what Chinese say “轻轻带过”..I can’t blame whosoever that made this video as there is really nothing for him/her to talk about . Looking at the passion the other female politicians have for her nation and then we look at Halimah Yacob is simply a mockery to the world …..or at least they could have mentioned that Yacob is the first self elected president and perhaps it will raise some eye brows ?

  14. “…run the world…”??? None of our president, from Yusof Ishak till now is anywhere near that. Even running Spore is quite remote. The PM (of course I mean LKY) is the one that runs spore and maybe “run” part of the world. US run the world, China run the world. Our president??? Please, give some examples.

    • What you know about race? Many here i believe have many good friends not from their racial group. I, for one, have many filipino good friends. So what race? The issue is stirred up by the government which wants to be free from presidential troubles. Especially LHL who fears for the last few years of his PMship. And if you want to elect a malay candidate, for heaven’s sake give us a genuine one. For people to know the truth and expect them to shut up is to take them for fools.

  15. Please lah..dont embrassed Singapore for your useless contributions. The only respected President who ran our country was our late Presidet Ong Teng Cheong.

  16. The nation white termites cheapest cheap skate dummy not elected but close door chosen president as a pressie for her citizens which the whole world are well aware of!

  17. Ought to cover up your whole face wherever you go. Thick skin to walk around to accept as a close door chosen non elected president!. Balik kampung tidur lah!

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