Man takes off shirt, sits on Sim Lim food court table and demands for food – watch what happens next


A video showing a topless man sitting and laying on a food court table and demanding for food has been circulating online.

In the video, a Chinese man can be seen vigorously cleaning a table at Sim Lim tower food court, before taking off his shirt, climbing on the table and laying on it.

The man then sits up and yells that he is a “little mouse” who is hungry. He demands that someone give him food since he doesn’t understand why he needs to exchange money for food:

Siao? Happened at Sim Lim Square…

Posted by Dougles Chan on Tuesday, 7 November 2017

An Indian man who appears to be a security officer subsequently buys the man a meal. The man who made the commotion then grins at the camera before tucking into his meal.

Many netizens online have speculated that the video is a social experiment or prank because of the way the video has been shot. The man clearly seems aware that he is being filmed and the filming begins before the man even mounts the table.

It appears that the original video was taken two years ago, in 2015, and has since made a comeback online.


  1. the person who is taking the video seems like knowing something will happen. Also, he is damn FREE… nothing to do and waiting for something to happen so he/she can video.

    • Nicholas Alexander Singh So chic! (ahhh… freak out!).
      Obviously staged. Camera was already on him before he started his commotion! Now, will u stop talking about Khaw & accountability, oredi!

  2. He is hungry please provide him a clue. Tell him that he has a god Brother LHL who can help him with one stroke of a pen because they belong to the same type. clown

  3. ….and he would not be wrong in an ideal sense. Our food is controlled by major corporations as is our water. They corner it and make you pay for it.

  4. System faults. …when our G open floodgates to all suffering mental illness ppl ard us?

    Are we now facing calamities among our estates with such village ppl surrounding us?

    We can’t rewind the clock.

  5. seems like Notorious Amos Yee Syndrome is catching on… he who doesnt believe in working for money (because money is a medium of exchange for food? ) is therefore shamelessly demanding for food. and why? because they always think the World owe them a living…

  6. seems like Notorious Khaw Syndrome is catching on… He who believe that heart surgery cost only $8. (because a minister can tell everyone that a CEO position is a volunteer job?) is therefore shamelessly demanding for food. and why? because they always think that sg owe them a living….

  7. This disgusting premeditated conduct has nothing to do with our Govt!

    I applaud the Security Guard for his generous offer to buy this ‘idiotic’ guy food.

    He deliberately created a scene to demand someone to buy him food.

    He could hv approached some one to buy him a meal but not in this disgusting manner.

  8. Scum…if he asks properly..i give him $2 to go buy money stil wan go food court with aircon? Go and eat bread everyday to understand what is poverty ok?

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