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Stories you might’ve missed, June 19

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Lim Tean goes knocking on doors at Potong Pasir, sparks GST hike conversation with resident


Photo: Facebook screengrab / PeoplesVoiceSingapore

SINGAPORE — Although Potong Pasir SMC has been popularly associated with opposition figure and former member of parliament Chiam See Tong in the past, it has been held by the People’s Action Party’s Sitoh Yih Pin since he won the constituency in the 2011 Singapore General Election. Attempts by the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) to wrestle it back in subsequent elections proved futile as Sitoh successfully defended his seat in 2015 and 2020 against Lina Chiam and Jose Raymond, respectively.

But to regain the trust of the residents in the next general elections, SPP will need to intensify their engagement efforts. This is crucial since another opposition party, Peoples Voice (PV), has been actively working on the ground recently. PV, led by their leader Lim Tean, dedicated time over the weekend to connect with several long-time residents in the area.

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Ticket woes and friendlies disappointment leave fans disillusioned with Lions


Photo credit: Football Association of Singapore

SINGAPORE — The Lions’ inability to secure a win in their friendly matches against Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, ending in a 2-2 and 1-1 draws, respectively, was likely frustrating for both the fans and the Singapore national football team head coach, Takayuki Nishigaya.

The disappointment extended beyond the matches as fans turned to social media to vent their frustration after the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) announced that tickets were fully snapped up for both games.

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WP’s Kenneth Foo heartened to see junior college students’ political participation


Photo: Facebook screengrab / Fooseckguan

SINGAPORE — In the past, it was rare to see youths engaging in political activity in Singapore. However, in recent years, this trend might have shifted slightly, particularly after the 2020 Singapore general election, which witnessed an increase in youth involvement in political participation across various political parties.

That’s why, when someone as young as a junior college (JC) student decides to step forward and volunteer with the Workers’ Party (WP), Kenneth Foo believes it serves as a testament to the changing attitudes and aspirations of the younger generation. This showcases their eagerness to participate in political discourse and actively contribute to shaping the future of Singapore.

‘My mum really likes you. Will you marry her, please?’ — Little girl, 4, asks Jamus Lim


Photo: FB screengrab/The Singapore Women’s Weekly

SINGAPORE: Kids say the darndest things, as the saying goes. One little girl proved this to be true when she told Workers’ Party MP Jamus Lim (Sengkang GRC) that her mum “really likes” him and then followed this up by asking, “Will you marry her, please?”

In a short video clip posted on The Singapore Women’s Weekly‘s Facebook page on June 15, Assoc Prof Lim set out to answer key questions posed by kids in Singapore, which ranged from running noses to how to hold it in when you want to pass gas in an elevator to why he doesn’t wear glasses.

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Jianhao Tan: Being a father is the best thing


Photo: IG screengrab/thejianhaotan

SINGAPORE: To celebrate Father’s Day, local artist Jianhao Tan shared on his Instagram account that becoming a father to his daughter, Starley, is the best thing that happened in his life.

In his post, he said, “Being a father has been the best thing that’s happened to me. Through the ups and downs, every single moment is worth it.”

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