Lifestyle Travel Women hurl racist abuse at Muslim passengers on board plane, delay flight...

Women hurl racist abuse at Muslim passengers on board plane, delay flight for 70 minutes

The woman called the passengers "terrorists" and a "threat".




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Two women were evicted from their flight following their racist tirade against three Muslim passengers.

The incident happened on a Thomas Cook flight from Dalaman, Turkey, to London, UK.

According to an initial report by the Daily Mirror, a British woman caused a scene on board the plane by screaming racist abuses at the Muslim passengers wearing white prayer robes.

The woman called the passengers “terrorists” and a “threat.” She said that she was suffering from a panic attack because of having to share a flight with the Muslim men.

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In a series of tweets by user Shanea Kerry, she shared her experience of the incident onboard the plane. Other passengers confronted the screaming woman for her racist behaviour, but she hurled more insults at them.

Kerry tweeted, “[The woman] was calling passengers and the three men in particular all sorts of nasty names…  I then called her out for her racism and highlighted her stupidity in flying to a country rooted in Islamic values, then discriminating against Muslims.”

The woman responded by calling Kerry “a fat b****.”

Flight attendants tried to talk to the woman and get her to calm down, but she refused to cooperate. After the flight had been delayed for more than an hour, the woman was then escorted out of the plane.

Thomas Cook Airlines released a statement regarding the incident:

“Two passengers on flight MT105 from Dalaman to London Gatwick were removed from the aircraft by police following offensive behaviour on board. The safety of our customers and crew is always our first priority and we do not accept this kind of behaviour on our aircraft. We are sorry to our customers for the delay this caused to their flight.”

Passengers were visibly distressed by the situation. The Muslim men said they were “offended” but “kept their cool.”

Netizens were confused as to why the woman was even in a Muslim country if she had such a prejudiced mindset./TISG



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