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Stories you might’ve missed, June 6

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Despite not getting an invite from HDB, WP’s Louis Chua attends MyNiceHome Rivervale Shores roadshow, connects with residents


Photo: FB screengrab/Louis Chua

SINGAPORE: Workers’ Party MP Louis Chua (Sengkang GRC) attended a MyNiceHome roadshow in his ward, Rivervale, last Saturday (June 3), calling it an “evening well-spent.” And while some residents thought he would have a part in an event held in the ward he represents in Parliament, this was not the case.

“Unfortunately, as neither a PA-appointed grassroots adviser (distinct from the elected representatives in non-PAP wards) nor a grassroots leader, I don’t think I got an invitation from the #HDB,” wrote Mr Chua in a Sunday Facebook post.

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Grab suspends driver who was caught red-handed delaying trip in alleged bid for cancellation fee


SINGAPORE: Grab has confirmed that it has suspended the driver who was exposed on social media last weekend for deliberately delaying a customer’s trip in what has been perceived to be a bid to earn a cancellation fee.

Facebook user DJ KC said on Saturday (3 June) that he had booked a Grab Premium ride to take his mother back to her home, but the vehicle whose driver accepted the ride remained in the same position on the map and was not moving.

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3 maids working in 3-storey landed house wake up at 5am and only sleep after eating dinner at 11.30pm, have to also give full body massages daily


Indonesian domestic workers (Photo by SAEED KHAN / AFP)

SINGAPORE: The newest of three helpers working in a 3-storey landed property took to social media because of how tiring her daily routine was.

In an anonymous post, the maid wrote that this was her first month working in the house, whereas the other two helpers had already been there for 6 to 8 months. She said that she had to wake up at 5 am daily and she must shower and eat breakfast. The maid said: “This (sic) are very important bcoz if you skip this, you can no longer do it even in some spare time, not allowed to do your personal stuffs even in vacant hours for a reason”.

After netizen asks ‘Is Singapore overpopulated to you?’ Many say YES!


Photo: Freepik/rawpixel.com (for illustration purposes only).

SINGAPORE: Many in Singapore appear to think that the country is overpopulated, based on answers to a question posted on r/askSingapore on Sunday (June 4).

“Is Singapore overpopulated to you?” asked u/pinkpolkadog, adding that he thinks “most of the issues faced by Singapore today is due to overpopulation,” including healthcare, by which he means lack of beds in hospital settings, as well as healthcare workers facing burnout; housing issues; meaning more expensive, smaller and closely packed-together houses; impacting quality of life.

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“True daughter of Bukit Batok” — Woman hailed as community hero after being seen picking up trash on the side of the road


Image: FB screengrab / Singapore Incidents

SINGAPORE: After a netizen shared a video of a civilian seen picking up trash in Bukit Batok, other online users praised the woman for her community spirit, likening her to a superhero.

An online user took to the Facebook group Singapore Incidents on Monday (June 5) to share video footage of a civilian seen picking up trash. “Good people at Bukit Batok,” the video was captioned.

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