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Morning Digest, Aug 8

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Jamus Lim: New residents—whether from China, India, or elsewhere—have often been extremely welcoming of our visits


Photo: FB screengrab/Jamus Lim

SINGAPORE: Workers’ Party MP Jamus Lim (Sengkang GRC) addressed the common perception that Singapore’s new residents would always vote for the ruling party. He noted that they have always warmly welcomed him in the course of visiting homes and coffee shops, and many have told him that they see the value of alternative voices in government.

He noted in an Aug 5 (Saturday) Facebook post that the residents he meets have been “extremely welcoming” of visits from him and his team, writing this in the context of having visited 318C and 318D Anchorvale this week, as well as the eating house at 289 Compassvale.

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Ng Kok Song explains why Singapore’s reserves have to be kept secret


SINGAPORE: Presidential hopeful Ng Kok Song, a former Chief Investment Officer of the GIC, spoke in a recent interview about why keeping the number of the country’s reserves a secret is important.

Mr Ng posted a series of video clips on his Instagram account wherein he tackled a number of topics, including financial literacy, investing, the reserves and meditation, which is one of his passions.

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GetGo customer claims he was charged $50 late return fee for no fault of his own


Aditya Parakh FB

SINGAPORE: A dissatisfied customer has taken to social media to express his frustration with leading car-sharing company GetGo, claiming he was charged a late return penalty despite facing problems from GetGo’s end.

In a post on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page on Sunday (6 Aug), Aditya Parakh detailed his negative experience with the service, including technical issues and unjust fines, when he booked a car through the GetGo app on Friday (5 Aug).

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“Can drive expensive car but can’t afford parking fees; always park illegally at loading/unloading bay!” — HDB resident calls driver out online


Image: FB screengrab / Complaint Singapore

SINGAPORE: An online user took an issue with an illegally parked car, sharing pictures of the vehicle and calling out the driver.

“Can drive expensive car but can’t afford parking fees,” was the message shared by an online user who took to the Complaint Singapore Facebook group on Monday (Aug 7) to make an issue public. “Always parked illegally at loading and unloading bay!” the netizen included.

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Ho Ching reshares FB post: “Just because someone is “family” doesn’t mean you have to tolerate lies, chaos, drama”


Ho Ching (Photo by ROSLAN RAHMAN / AFP)

SINGAPORE: On Sunday (Aug 6), Ho Ching shared a rather pointed post on social media.

She shared a post by FB user Dodinsky who said: “Just because someone is “family” doesn’t mean you have to tolerate lies, chaos, drama, manipulation and disrespect”.

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