Entertainment Celebrity Why did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ditch social media?

Why did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ditch social media?

The prince and his wife expressed their disillusionment by the ‘hate’ they encountered online




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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ditching social media as part of their new “progressive role” in America but it follows their disillusionment by the ‘hate’ they encountered online, says The Times U.K on January 9.

According to the paper, a source close to the couple has said the couple did not have plans to use social media for their new Archewell Foundation.

It is also “very unlikely” that they were to return to platforms in a personal capacity.

Markle, the paper says, spoke of the “almost unsurvivable” experience of online trolling while the Prince issued an unprecedented statement in 2016 denouncing “the racial undertones of comment pieces” and “the sexism and racism of social media trolls”.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have previously complained about their treatment on social media including in the British press.

The couple moved to California last year after abruptly stepping down from royal duties in 2018. They have 10 million Instagram followers while they were working royals on their Sussex Royal account.

The couple launched a wide-ranging non-profit organisation, Archewell last year after giving up their “Sussex Royal” brand as part of the terms of their departure from frontline monarchy duties.

Markle and the Prince have started other creative ventures, one of which was a deal with Spotify to produce podcasts that tell “uplifting and entertaining stories”. They also signed a multi-year contract, reportedly worth tens of millions of dollars, with streaming giant Netflix to produce “impactful” films and series.

Last year, Markle, who is a former TV actress, narrated a wildlife documentary on Disney+.

Fans are wondering if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may resume their roles in the future but according to royal experts, there are ‘clear signs’ hinting of a no-return of the couple to the royal family. Markle and Harry’s departure, called ‘Sussexit’ had a number of reasons.

Markle was dating Prince Harry in 2016 when she started getting a lot of bad press. According to Markle, the media were publishing false rumours about her and they also invaded her privacy.

The couple even sued a few of the media outlets in the fall of 2019. Markle was asked not to speak out against the press, She also said she felt ‘unprotected’ by the royal family.

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