Singapore — From joss paper smoke and noise complaints to voodoo-looking dolls underneath an HDB corridor window, stories of Housing and Development Board (HDB) “neighbours from hell” are often highlighted on social media. In a rare case, however, a pretty home garden comes to life when residents get along.

One Stanley Jeow recently posted photos of an HDB shared corridor to Facebook page Home Gardening Singapore.

The space looked like a treasure trove of lush greenery, complete with a recess area that’s been transformed into a patio.

Photo: FB screengrab/Home Gardening Singapore

The area right outside the two units has wood panels and artificial grass at the edge. A makeshift fence separates the two spaces, creating the effect of a home garden and backyard lounge.

Photo: FB screengrab/Home Gardening Singapore

According to Mothership, recess areas, or the space right outside the unit, can be converted into a home garden with prior approval and purchase.

However, one would need to be on amicable terms with their neighbour to maximize the space, much like this one.

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Mr Jeow’s caption of “My wife say this is what happen when your neighbour is your mum house!!!” implies that the residents of both units must know each other quite well to share the recess area.

Home Gardening Singapore, which features wholesome sharing of information on gardening, is filled with residents supporting each other’s green thumb endeavours.

For example, a unique Lego-like hydroponic system made in Singapore was featured last month.

“Doesn’t block the corridor, gets neighbours involved so hopefully less complaints and literally corridor to table. That’s 14 plants on one ledge,” noted Facebook page One Kind Block, which creates the product.

Photo: FB screengrab/Home Gardening Singapore
Photo: FB screengrab/Home Gardening Singapore

In other news, an uncle received much praise for successfully growing rock melons, grapes, apples, lantern chilli, bitter gourds and golden melons in his makeshift garden outside his HDB corridor window. /TISG

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