Vincent Ng, a 46-year-old Singaporean actor and martial artist, got injured by getting burned in the filming of the action movie Deleted. Thankfully, it did not leave a scar at all. 

Deleted is a new action film that portrays human trafficking. It is a story of an order to erase illegal activities from an organized criminal group which include killing people and stealing human body parts like kidneys. 

In the film, Vincent will be playing a role as a member of the Singapore Special Police Force. The actor had not been seen in the limelight for more than 10 years, but now that he is coming back to the big screen, this unfortunate accident happened – there was a blasting scene wherein he was burned by a fire. 

“After the scene exploded, I got up off the ground and we lit some fires on the clothes for effect” he said. 

The actor mentioned that safety measures were assured before the shooting took place. But, there were difficulties wherein the staff had a hard time putting out the fire on his sleeve after the intense exploding scene. 

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“When I felt the burn, I immediately swept the fire away, but the fire didn’t go out. After a delay of about 10 seconds, I was burned” the 46-year-old added. 

Regardless of what happened, he did not consider having a stunt man do the role for him. 

“Because the scene doesn’t need to burn the whole body, just set fire on clothes, I come by myself” he exclaimed. 

Vincent Ng has always wanted to shoot the martial arts scenes by himself because the continuity of the movements will result a lot better. 

Despite the incident, he would still try to exhibit his martial arts movements to present a more modern style action film. 

Deleted is a film wherein martial artists from all over the world were invited to participate in the shooting for the great outcome of the action film. It  is now showing in Singapore cinemas under the Golden Village Pictures.

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