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Uncle lying down on escalator taking selfies or he fell down and needed help?

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Netizens were shocked that people rather take pictures than focus on helping the poor old man, and many of them commented on the value system of individuals, in general, these days

SINGAPORE: A video of an elderly man seen lying on an escalator with something in his hand that may or may not have been a mobile phone was posted over a social media account with the caption, “Selfie uncle.”

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Commenters on the short clip on the singapore_incidents Instagram account, however, said that the uncle may not have been taking selfies but had fallen down instead. Some even asked why the post author filmed him instead of offering to help him up.

The video shows a man lying on his back on an escalator going up as it was approaching its end. He was dressed in a colourful shirt and black pants and may have been holding up his mobile phone, although whether it was a phone at all couldn’t be determined.

The man had several bags and packages and appeared to be preparing to get up as the video ended.

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One commenter appeared indignant as she wrote, “He’s not taking a selfie he fell down. Omg. I really don’t understand ppl’s mentality nowadays.”

“What the fark the person taking the video is thinking.. The uncle fall down… he is not even holding a HP!!! The person taking the video is a retarded! May Karma falls on you!,” wrote a netizen.

Another wrote, “Well some people just waiting for show 🙄☝️ Nobody saw uncle?! I don’t believe it. It’s just unlucky enough nobody gave a helping hands 😥

“Who the joker video him ! Go help him 😢 first,” someone else chimed in.

“Singaporeans are really selfish and heartless nowadays . That’s their upbringing these days . The apple don’t fall very far away from the tree ! What kind of parents will produce what kind of kids! Selfish parents = selfish kids . As if help will die like that 🙄. They rather be ‘complimented’ they were able to capture such ‘beautiful’ video,” another wrote.

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“Whoever is filming needs to reevaluate themselves,” one agreed.

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“Uncle might hv fell down and couldn’t get up by himself. Instead of helping him take Video. Speechless!” a netizen said.


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