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Types of “dangerous” women you want to avoid dating

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Here are some ‘dangerous types’ that you should avoid altogether.

If you want to have a good relationship with a woman, there are some characters that you need to steer completely clear of.

Here are some ‘dangerous types’ that you should avoid altogether.

Women on the rebound

Some women need to consistently be in a relationship no matter what. But then she will drop you when she finds someone better or for what she considers an ‘upgrade’. What she fears is just being alone, even for short periods.

Girl who drinks too much

At the outset, this may seem like an obvious choice to avoid. But very often, men or women can be drawn to this personality because they seem like the life of the party after they’ve had a few drinks. She may be fun to hang around at a party, but she won’t be a supportive life partner.

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She has no ambitions or goals in life

This type of woman depends on someone all her life, her family, her husband, her boyfriend, or someone else, to pick up the pieces for her. She has no interest in working or furthering her career. It’s all about scrounging off people.

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Designer Barbie

Everything has to be designer, and she is obsessed with fashion and can spend what would cost a year’s salary on a handbag. It’s fine if she earns the money to do this, but if she wants to do this on someone else’s salary, watch out. Alarm bells should be ringing.

People pleaser

This woman projects herself to be selfless and a people pleaser, but she is always stuffing her feelings down, yet it doesn’t last because she is holding in a lot of anger and volatility.

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Drama Queen: The needy and the childish woman

Again, an obvious type to steer clear of. She may come across as a damsel in distress, and you may want to help or be drawn to be her knight in shining armour. She needs attention all the time. She may act out or behave inappropriately to get you to notice her, as she needs reassurance 24/7. She’s likely texting 10 other people simultaneously for the same attention.

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