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‘Stay young and stay handsome,’ restaurant staff pay tribute to Goh Chok Tong 

Well wishes pour in ahead of his 80th birthday on May 20




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Singapore—Former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong won’t celebrate his 80th birthday for another two months, but it seems that some waitstaff at a restaurant have got an early start with a very special greeting…on a plate.

The Emeritus Senior Minister posted a 55-second long video on his Facebook page on Thursday night (March 4) where restaurant staff can be seen clapping and chanting.

The video later zeroes in on a serving plate, wherein a dedication to Mr Goh had been beautifully written out.

Fb screengrab: MParader

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This delighted the longtime parliamentarian. 

“The dinner ended on a high when the staff read out this tribute which they had composed and written on a serving plate,” he wrote.

One staff member then said on the video, “We wish Mr ESM Goh to stay energetic like a horse and dragon… thanks for your contribution to society.”

He went on to call Mr Goh a role model who has done “a lot of great work and also overcome a lot of challenges.”

“You’ll always be remembered in people’s hearts and minds.

“Stay young, and stay handsome,” he added, while a woman from Mr Goh’s party cried, “Stay healthy!”

The man then wished that Mr Goh would enjoy a wonderful life and a good dinner at the restaurant, as Mr Goh’s companions at the table laughed and clapped their hands.

Commenters on Mr Goh’s post seemed to think it was his birthday as well, and well-wishes have poured in.

The former Prime Minister, who recently received his Covid-19 vaccine shot, recently underwent radiation therapy for nodules found in his larynx.

This is perhaps one of the challenges the waitstaff had referred to. 

On his Facebook page, Mr Goh had documented his health journey from last November, when the nodule was first found, through his treatment and recovery, in the hope of encouraging other Singaporeans to undergo regular health screenings, especially because the Ministry of Health has a subsidised Screen for Life programme available for all Singaporeans.

He has pointed out that the early detection of a particular health condition could make a big difference in one’s chances of survival.

Mr Goh has also written that the second part of his authorised biography, “Standing Tall,” is scheduled to be released later this year. 

He wrote in a Facebook post late last month that he intends to launch the book in late April or early May just in time for his 80th birthday on May 20.


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