Entertainment Arts South Korea's BLACKPINK wax lyrical about collaborating with Selena Gomez

South Korea’s BLACKPINK wax lyrical about collaborating with Selena Gomez




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Seoul — South Korean girl group BLACKPINK say they enjoyed collaborating with US singer Selena Gomez on their new single Ice Cream.

In an interview just before its launch on Friday (Aug 28), BLACKPINK said the song, on which they worked hard for so long, was special because they had an opportunity to work with Gomez.

BLACKPINK members added that what they were most excited about was that they could greet their fans again with an exciting and cheerful song.

Its members — Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa — said they were impressed with Gomez during the collaboration process. They said that they were all fans of Gomez and that, although they could not meet to work on the song, they were charmed by her on the numerous occasions they communicated with her during the production process. They saw that she was a humble person who freely expressed her opinions and that made them think that she was a really cool person.

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They said they were thrilled when Gomez told them she was also a fan of theirs.

Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK partnered up for a new track. Picture: Instagram

The BLACKPINK members were asked about their impressions on hearing Ice Cream for the first time. They said that it felt like they could taste its sweetness. They felt that the  many people facing the sweltering heat of late summer would, on listening to it, would be able to chill out and cool down.

They added that they wanted to showcase a different side of themselves through Ice Cream, which contrasted sharply with their previous pre-release single How You Like That. The latter was released last June.

The quartet also hoped that fans would look forward to their music video.

Finally, BLACKPINK expressed the wish to perform the new song with Gomez in person one day. /TISG


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