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“NTUC CEO, take note on how a true leader behaves” — says netizen of Sheng Siong CEO who stacked shelves on behalf of 4 workers who got COVID

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“This is what you call a leader and not those overpaid clowns in Parliament” — Netizen

Many netizens have praised Mr Lim Hock Chee, the Chief Executive Officer of Sheng Siong, who, together with his wife, have been stocking grocery shelves over the past week.

The Sheng Siong outlet in Commonwealth suffered a manpower shortage after four employees fell ill with Covid-19. Without any fanfare, Mr Lim and his wife got to work.

In 2021, Forbes listed the Sheng Siong CEO as the 21st wealthiest individual in Singapore, with a net worth of US $1.2 billion (S$1.64 billion.

But this particular billionaire happens to have humble beginnings, having been brought up as the son of a pig farmer in Punggol.

News of Mr Lim, 61, and his wife stacking shelves at the Commonwealth outlet was first reported by Shin Min Daily News on Sunday (March 13). 

A reporter from the Chinese daily had heard that some employees of the supermarket had contracted Covid and had visited the outlet at 88 Tanglin Halt Road at 6:00 that morning and found Mr Lim and his wife at work in the kitchen and the warehouse of the outlet.

Mr Lim was working with packages of pork, stacking them in a basket and bringing them to the shelves to be displayed. The CEO and his wife have been getting up at 5 am to get to the outlet an hour later, and have worked there till noon for several days now. 

In the afternoon, Mr Lim has been reporting at the office.

He told Shin Min Daily News that of the five employees responsible for the pork section of the store, four had gotten Covid.

Realising that finding suitable workers for the job would take time, he told his wife that it was their turn to step up to the plate. And because of his experience in raising pigs due to his family background, he was familiar with the processes involved.

And so, off to work they went.

On a Reddit thread about Mr Lim and his wife’s going to work at Sheng Shiong, commenters have praised the CEO’s leadership. 

A netizen wrote, “NTUC CEO, take note on how a true leader behaves.”

This is apparently not unusual behaviour for Mr Lim.

One even called him “The OG Son of Punggol.”

Another wrote that this is something that bosses and middle management should do regularly.

One admiring commenter even compared the CEO to the President of Ukraine.


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