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Nicole Seah has a sprained back, tendon issues but work continues in East Coast

Fellow WP candidate in the GRC Kenneth Foo and others hold activities at the weekend




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Singapore — Workers’ Party (WP) politician Nicole Seah posted on social media that she has a sprained back and Achilles tendonitis but the party’s on-the-ground work keeps on going at the East Coast.

In a Facebook post on Sunday (Oct 18), she put up photos of WP’s work in Bedok North Ave 4 as well as from Project Grow the previous , writing that she could not join the activities that day due to the back and tendon issues.

“Pity I couldn’t join Kenneth and the rest of the team this weekend due to a sprained back and Achilles tendonitis. PSA to parents of toddlers, carry safely and slowly!,” Ms Seah said.

Mr Kenneth Foo was with Ms Seah in the WP team in East Coast GRC in this year’s General Election. The three other members of the team were Mr Abdul Shariff Aboo Kassim, Mr Dylan Ng and Mr Terence Tan.

Some pics from a house in Bedok North Ave 4 last weekend and a few more from Project Grow. Some residents have…

Posted by Nicole Seah 佘雪玲 on Sunday, October 18, 2020

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Ms Seah has a two-year- girl, who she said was the reason why she returned to politics this year. Her celebrated her birthday amid the campaign period but the doting mum was able to take a few moments to be with her.

“Happy 2nd birthday sweetheart! I’m very grateful we managed to sneak in a birthday hug and birthday photo before mommy had to head back out for campaigning. you lots, my little one,” Ms Seah posted on July 7, three days before this year’s General Election.

Achilles tendonitis is an inflammation of the Achilles tendon, a usually short-lived condition that can be quite painful. It is considered to be an “overuse” disorder “usually caused by a sudden increase of a repetitive activity involving the Achilles tendon. Such activity puts too much stress on the tendon too quickly, leading to micro-injury of the tendon fibres. Due to this ongoing stress on the tendon, the body is unable to repair the injured tissue. The structure of the tendon is then altered, resulting in continued pain.”

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The biggest contributor to healing Achilles tendonitis is rest and immobilisation of the affected limb.

However, aside from the injury, Ms Seah has been very busy. She posted that some of the residents from Bedok North Ave 4 had got jobs and had asked the WP to extend welfare assistance to others who need it more. “We’re very appreciative of their kampung spirit and selflessness,” she said.

Last weekend, she spent time with new WP volunteers, many of whom are around the same age as she is (34). Despite the excitement from the General Election dying down, she said that many “new faces” have stepped forward and joined WP’s outreaches.

Here’s a recap of our community outreach efforts in Bedok North over the past weekend! I’m always incredibly grateful to our volunteers who join us in spending time getting to know the residents and finding great meaning in befriending the community. We restarted our food distribution activities to a number of households, containing a care pack sourced from a nearby provision shop in the same cluster of blocks. By supporting local small businesses in the neighbourhood, we hope to play a small part in keeping them commercially and in close proximity to residents, especially when the nearest large supermarket might be some distance away. Additionally, we also launched Project Grow, a pilot project in East Coast GRC by the WP Community Fund. Houseplants have brought much joy to many during this Circuit Breaker period, and we were very happy to be able to bring a pot of green happiness into the homes of residents with a simple houseplant called the pothos n’joy, also known as epipremnum aureum. For some residents, their homes may be utilitarian out of necessity or financial priorities. They may also be unable to reap the benefits of large-scale national beautification projects due to being homebound or on shift work, so we hope to help them liven their space up and bring a slice of the green corridor into their homes.

Posted by Nicole Seah 佘雪玲 on Friday, October 9, 2020

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On Oct 9, Ms Seah posted a video of WP’s community outreach efforts in Bedok North, including food distribution and Project Grow, which distributes houseplants to the residents there. /TISG

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