Entertainment Arts Netflix's 'Singapore Social‘ is described as 'Soooo trashy’

Netflix’s ‘Singapore Social‘ is described as ‘Soooo trashy’

Singapore Social first attracted attention earlier this month following the release of the trailer.




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Singapore Social is a local reality show that premiered last Saturday on Netflix and locals condemned it for lack of authenticity among other shortcomings.

Although viewers have a love-hate relationship while watching the first season of the show, its got mocked in snarky and funny terms for featuring characters who do not even speak with a Singaporean accent and appear way beyond privileged.

@DarcelAnastasia tweeted that there are many issues with Singapore Social but her main gripe is why doesn’t anyone speak with a Singaporean accent.

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@Prostalkr wrote that in all seriousness on Singapore Social, he is watching 15 minutes into the show but the amount of unacknowledged privilege is off the roof.

The author of the tweet also asked if anyone can relate to him about the show.

Singapore Social is a Netflix original series, one of several debuting in Southeast Asia.

The reality TV series is about the lives of six Singaporeans, trying to make it big in their unique career paths.

The characters are Sukki Singapora, a burlesque dancer, Tabitha Nauser, a singer, Mae Tan, a fashion influencer, Vinny Sharp, a YouTuber, Nicole Ong, a blockchain entrepreneur and Paul Foster, a TV personality.

It is quite a representative sample.

The drama includes dancer Sukki giving Nicole the blockchain beef for tattooing her inner lip as though as if it was a socially treasonous act.

Singapore Social first attracted attention earlier this month following the release of the trailer.
Critics said that it looked like a reality show version of Crazy Rich Asians, a movie that centred on a wealthy Singaporean family.
Others compare the show to other popular reality TV shows like The Hills and Netflix original, Terrace House.
Nevertheless, even though it may be ‘so trashy’ for many, there are also fans who are unable to stop watching it and sings praise for the local show.

@SameerSadhu wrote that he was going to the gym but now, he is on the seventh episode.

@Dk wrote sarcastically that Singapore Social is bad, really really bad. Bad to the point that everyone in Singapore should watch it.

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