Najib joins Trump in hunt against ‘fake news’

The Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has joined the US President Donald Trump bandwagon, calling for an all out fight against what he called ‘fake news’.

But taking the cue from the PM, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang lamented that he himself is a victim of the same phenomenon.

Yesterday Najib said the spread of false information through social media and by former leaders (of the Uno) with the aim of toppling the democratically elected government is a new threat the government must counter.

Najib said attacking hearts and minds through the dissemination of false news and defamation was dangerous and it was being carried out by certain parties who had their own political agenda.

As such, Najib said the people should work with the government to defend the country against these elements which could threaten its peace and prosperity.

But the DAP leader hit out at pro-Umno and Islamic party supporters who claimed that he is the “Enemy of Malays/Islam (Racist)”.

Kit Siang, turning the boat against Najib, called it “another crude display of fake news and lies.”

The PAS unfurled a banner with a picture of Lim Kit Siang along with a few more castigating various Pakatan Harapan and Parti Pribumi Bersatu leaders altogether.

Kit Siang asked how could leaders of an Islamist party be so blatantly linked to such lies and fake news.

Observers however told The Independent that such statements by Kit Siang risk ending in growing anti-Malay sentiments towards the DAP, particularly in within the Malay heartland where the battle for Malay votes will be crucial for both the opposition and the government in the next General Elections.

Fighting fake news won Trump the presidency, said an observer.

“So this is what Najib might be doing, thinking he will stay in power if he fights the so called fake news.

“But Umno tried to present some news as fake in the past and got trolled by thousands on the internet, and it might just be the case again,” said the observer.

Lim sarcastically voiced support for Najib in the fight against the spread of fake news.

He stressed that the Malaysian PM focus was to cling on to power “although they have lost all credibility and legitimacy”.

Lim said there is nothing criminal or treasonous in wanting to topple the government in a parliamentary democracy if its done by elections.

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