Hong Kong — It is known that a lot of stars have set their sights on the lucrative Chinese market. But this move attracts hate comments from netizens, many of whom accuse the stars of “kowtowing to the Chinese yuan”. Myolie Wu, a Hong Kong actress who left Hong Kong broadcaster TVB in 2015 to further her career in China, was not spared.

According to an  8days.sg report on March 3, the 41-year-old shared that she had read comments from netizens accusing her of working in China “for the money”. A recent report is not going to help the actress’ case. It was reported that Wu, who is currently pregnant with her third child, earned a whopping 3 million yuan (S$617,000) after just three months of work in China. Last December, Wu won the Chinese acting competition Everybody Stand By 2, which presumably upped her asking price considerably.

Myolie Wu is open to working with TVB again. Picture: Instagram

Wu made an appearance at an event in Hong Kong on March 3 where the media asked the actress about her reported earnings. She responded with a simple smile before joking that she would have to “return home to tally everything up” before confirming or denying anything. Having said that, she tried to dispel the notion that she is only prepared to work in China. She said that she is open to working with TVB again, referring to the broadcaster as her “maiden home”.

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“When it comes to your maiden home, we can’t talk about money, what’s most important is that you’re happy. As long as there’s a suitable script and role for me, [I’ll definitely accept],” she said, when asked if she’d still work with TVB even when the pay pales in comparison to what she would earn in China.

The actress said that she continues to take on work assignments even though pregnant so that her children are well provided for.  She also wants to make sure that she would have more time to spend with them in the future. Her expected due date is less than a month away and she is opting for a natural birth just like she did with her two sons, Brendan, three, and Ryan, one. Wu would only reveal her baby’s gender after giving birth./TISG