Muslims hold peace rally in wake of Westminster attack

Screen grab Westminster after the terror attack

Muslim religious leaders led a peace rally in Birmingham following the Westminster terror attack, gathering more than 200 people in Victoria Square, said the Independent newspaper in London.

They held banners reading “Not in our name – Muslims oppose Isis”, in an event organised by Birmingham Central Mosque.

Surrounded by civic and multi-faith religious leaders, Dr Waqar Azmi told the crowd: “For too long, we’ve had terrorist and extremists in all communities, in Muslim and non-Muslim, who try to define us.

“The figures of far-right extremists do not define the British values that we hold.


“Those people who are Daesh and Isis do not define the values that Muslims would hold.

“We refuse now to allow them to misrepresent us, and refuse now to allow them to define us.

“Because we are defined by a shared value of love thy neighbour.”

Muslim have held rallies, organised crowdfunding and wrote various op-eds in British newspapers to share their grief, or show their opposition to ISIS and its tactics.

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