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M’sian Transport Minister Anthony Loke, ‘Seletar Airport is yours, but Pasir Gudang is ours’




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The Transport Minister of , Siew Fook, staked his country’s claim to the airspace over , Johor, with an informative video on Facebook on December 12, which has been viewed almost 250,000 times and gotten almost 8,000 shares.

Addressing Singapore, he wrote, “Hi Singapore,  is yours, but Pasir Gudang, Johor,  is ours.”

Here is the full text of his post:

NO to Singapore Seletar Airport ILS flight path over Pasir Gudang airspace

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Hi Singapore, Seletar Airport is yours, but Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia is ours. So please hear us out.

To Malaysians, please watch and share this – there are reasons why Malaysia has to oppose the ILS (Instrument Landing System) of the Seletar Airport which Singapore wants to implement from 3 Jan 2019.

We urge Singapore to withdraw the ILS announcement and to amend the flight path as per our request. 


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Anthony Loke Siew Fook
Ministry of Transport Malaysia

#ILS #SeletarAirport #Singapore
Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia

As mentioned in his caption, Loke sought to explain why his country opposed the new ILS at Singapore’s Seletar Airport.

The text of the video reads, “Why did Firefly suspend all its flights into Singapore after the airline was told to relocate to Seletar Airport starting 1st Dec 2018? It’s because Malaysia opposed the new ILS (Instrument Landing System) that Singapore wants to use in the airport effective 3 Jan 2019.

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What is ILS?

Instrument Landing System is a precision runway approach aid that helps airplanes to land even with poor visibility. It’s safer for the landing of aeroplanes.

Then why does Malaysia oppose it?

It’s because of the flight path that Singapore wants to use for that ILS.

Singapore’s Seletar Airport is merely 2km from Pasir Gudang, Malaysia.”

The video goes on to explain that the height buffer for the flight path is quite narrow at specific points, which a tall crane could easily reach.

Loke expressed concern over the tall buildings in the area. He speaks in the video, saying, “We can’t even build tall buildings over Pasir Gudang if we allow that flight path.”

Another concern is the port in the area, which the video claims would be subjected to “higher risks and multiple restrictions.”

There were no problems of this type in the past, but now, a “big” area is affected, “from Pasir Gudang,” “up north to Ayer Tawar (Johor)” and “almost to Kota Tinggi.”

The Transport Minister also clarifies that it is not Seletar airport itself he’s against but the flight path.

“Our position is very clear. We are not against Seletar, but as far as the descending flight path is concerned, it cannot be over Pasir Gudang.”

The video ends with these words, “Malaysia urges Singapore to withdraw the ILS and to amend the flight path for entry from the southern end.”

Many netizens showed their appreciation for Loke’s post.

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