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Morning Digest, June 28

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Ex-SPH CEO Ng Yat Chung accused of distancing himself from exaggerated circulation numbers scandal


Photo: YT screencapture

SINGAPORE: Former Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) CEO Ng Yat Chung has been accused of appearing to distance himself from the circulation inflation scandal that has rocked the company in the days after it filed a police report over potential offences uncovered in internal investigations.

The company pledged full cooperation with the police earlier this week following a probe by its audit and risk committee investigating the inflated figures.

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How to go JB without long queues & traffic jam? Take the ferry!


Photo: TikTok screengrab/munzpewpew

SINGAPORE: A recent video a woman posted on TikTok about her ferry ride to Johor went viral, a sign that there are ways to get there without getting stuck in traffic or long queues.

The TikTok posted by @Munzpewpew on June 14 showed her group going to the Tanah Merah ferry terminal, riding an enviably empty boat, booking a car from the ferry, having lunch and coffee, heading back to Singapore on the 4 pm vessel back in what seemed to be a seamless, stressless, thoroughly enjoyable process.

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Chan Chun Sing challenges Singapore’s Taylor Swift fans; offers a day off if they can get the singer to perform in their schools


Photos from FB

SINGAPORE: A challenge issued by Education Minister Chan Chun Sing on his Facebook page last Friday (June 23) to the legions of Taylor Swift fans in Singapore certainly caught netizens by surprise.

He posted screenshots from “next level” SG Swifties, who sent him “the best DMs” after it was announced on June 22 that she would be performing in Singapore next March. Some students asked Mr Chan to give them a school-free day when the pop superstar holds her concerts.

School seems to take Chan Chun Sing’s joke seriously and asks students to pen an appeal to Taylor Swift to visit their school


u/Xiaomeimeilovebus, YT screencapture

SINGAPORE: A school assignment requesting students to pen an appeal for pop superstar Taylor Swift to visit their school has generated mixed reactions among netizens, with some viewing it as an opportunity for creativity and engagement, while others question why the school has taken a light-hearted comment by Education Minister Chan Chun Sing seriously.

On Friday, Mr Chan said on Instagram that he had had numerous requests to declare a school holiday when Swift comes to Singapore to perform next March. He said: “I hear you, I feel you. But I am concerned how fans of Coldplay, Blackpink, BTS, Beyoncé, and others will feel too. I am also concerned that this may further fuel inflation as some overseas reports have suggested. “How about this? If any creative and enterprising fan can invite her (or any other A listers just to be fair) to your school to perform free of charge, we can have your school declare a school holiday?! Then everyone gets to enjoy this inclusive concert!”

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Has George Goh “capitulated” to the PAP by saying the President should not be a check on the Govt?


George Goh Ching Wah FB

SINGAPORE: The notion that the President of Singapore is not meant to be a check on the Government, promoted by certain high-profile individuals, has sparked discontent among some Singaporeans who feel that the already limited powers of the presidency are being further curtailed.

Last Wednesday (14 June), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife, Ho Ching, was censured online after she said on Facebook that the role of the President “is not to be an independent voice, a check on govt, or an ombudsman to all the woes and ills of society.”

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