At least nine monkeys were spotted climbing down the side wall panel of a Housing and Development Board (HDB) block in Clementi.

The video, uploaded on Facebook page Complaint Singapore on Sunday (July 17), started with two monkeys on their way down the building while a couple loitered below.

A monkey was also spotted climbing a nearby lamppost.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

A few seconds later, more monkeys emerged from one HDB unit, and they expertly swung to the side of the building to begin their descent.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

Those who reached the ground waited for their companions, still sliding down, before making a collective exit from the premises.

Photo: FB screengrab/Complaint Singapore

Netizens poked fun at the video, noting the monkeys looked like a SWAT or special ops team in action. “Civil defence trainees?” asked a netizen.

Others asked why the monkeys targeted a specific unit.

“Maybe the house has a lot of bananas,” said Facebook user Mary Grace Tagarao while another presumed that someone was playing Jumanji in the flat.

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Meanwhile, Facebook user Nicholas Guo noted that the monkeys aren’t to blame. “Blame humans; we destroy their habitats,” he said in a comment with over 155 likes.

“Soon, it will be everywhere in the new estates of HDB where forests are cleared. The speed at which human-created plants and trees are definitely not enough and not suitable to compensate for these lost natural forests,” said Facebook user Larry Yip.

“Newly planted trees around HDB estates or private condos are only good for the eyes of the humans staying there and not for these animals.”/TISG

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ByHana O