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Man stages Crazy Rich Asian-like mahjong scene to propose to girlfriend

Of course, she said yes. Who wouldn't?




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Singapore—Proposal stories are always heartwarming if the other party responds with an ecstatic “yes!”

But they’re pretty run-of-the-mill, as people have been coupling up since Adam and Eve.

And there are proposals that are so OTT, we just have to write about them—and when a guy gets his friends to fake film a scene from Crazy Rich Asians, it takes the cake.

A woman named Jeraldine Yeo took to Facebook on May 2 to tell the story of the proposal that swept her off her feet (and us too!)  

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Ms Yeo thought she was getting together with some people to film a friend’s “project” wherein everyone dressed up to the nines to play mahjong, recreating one of the iconic scenes from the blockbuster hit, .

“The game started off with us throwing off the usual unwanted tiles like all the big wild tiles. All cards taken and thrown are strategically planned to ensure the flow of the game!!,” Ms Yeo wrote.

At first, the tiles she had got were good, she noted.

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“While playing I thought I could continue to make my cards big and do ping hu, while my shang jia keeps on throwing all the useless tiles to me (obviously it was planned).”

The next one she drew was a  Bai Ban, or white honour tile, which she did not need.

So she threw it back in.

“AND WHO KNEW I WAS BAITED TO THROW THE BAI BAN to Alfred (cause my cards were too good to do ping hu).”

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Her now-fiance, Alfred Tan, then took the tile, which he needed for the message he wanted her to see.

The Bai Ban “FORMED THE ‘O’ IN THE ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’” wrote Ms Yeo.

She said yes. Of course, she said yes. Who wouldn’t?

“So it was a man tai ping hu half color shoot to him and no choice but to say YES to him.”

The bride-to-be added, “regardless i’ll still say yes over anything else!!!”

Ms Yeo also thanked their friends who participated in the elaborate ruse, writing: “The effort to plan the tiles (it’s damn flawless I totally didn’t expect it!?!? my friends all ask WHO PLAYS MJ IN SUCH NICE OUTFITS?! BUT I THOUGHT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE CRAZY RICH YOUNG ASIANS), setting up the stage, whole storyboarding, the idea of offering $50 to be the cast in this ‘project’ and your time in helping this proposal come true!!!

In Ms Yeo’s photos, Mr Tan can also be seen getting down on his knee to propose in the traditional way.

The video of the lovely film-project/mahjong proposal can be seen here.

We at TISG wish the couple all the happiness in the world and many more years of playing mahjong together!


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