SINGAPORE: A resident took to social media to post photos of old clothes that someone left behind at a void deck near some mailboxes in Nee Soon. He added that, unfortunately, this is hardly the first time this has occurred.

“There is (a) lot of rubbish clothes someone dumb (dumped) at void deck just behind the letterbox. So many time(s) I saw this thing happened. Please Nee Soon town council or police take action and the person who do this. Thank you,” wrote Facebook user Mohd Riz on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page late Wednesday night (Apr 12).

The pictures show a large mound of clothes strewn on the floor, some in bundles and some in loose pieces.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Mr Mohd as well as the Nee Soon Town Council, for comment.

One netizen commenting on the post wrote, “Wow like lelong (auction) sale at Sungai road lol.”

Another called the litterer an “Inconsiderate person.”

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Yet another commenter seemed to agree, writing, “Or it could be the plastic bag gave way and that person could not care less and left all the contents on the floor. Inconsiderate to the cleaner who makes it a clean estate for residents.”

Litter is not a new problem in Singapore. There have been irresponsible residents who have sometimes left pieces of rubbish or even bags of trash in random places.

In January, another netizen posted photos of garbage bags scattered in Jurong West on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page.

The netizen said the amount of trash left him 無语 (speechless).

“Yesterday went to Blk 501 to 504 jurong west to have my lunch……無语,”  he wrote, posting nine different photos of the rubbish in different places.

Photos of piles of rubbish at Pasir Ris Mangrove Forest were also posted online in February of last year, with the netizen hoping the litterbugs would get caught. /TISG

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