International Asia Lim Tean on COVID-19 in SG: "PAP should learn from the Macau...

Lim Tean on COVID-19 in SG: “PAP should learn from the Macau authorities”

Mr Lim said Macau's measures in dealing with the coronavirus is "effective because they cut the legs from the virus so that it can be exterminated quickly," and is consistent with a government that "puts people first"




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SINGAPORE — Lawyer and opposition politician Lim Tean shared an article about Macau’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak and said that “PAP should learn from the Macau authorities on how to be responsible to our people”.

On Monday (Feb 17), Lim Tean, founder of the People’s Voice Singapore, took to Facebook to express his views on Macau’s response to the coronavirus epidemic, measures which, according to Mr Lim, the “People’s Voice has been demanding for weeks”.

As of Monday (Feb 17), 11pm, Singapore has a total of 77 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and Macau has 10 confirmed cases.

“We are the country with the most number of cases outside of China,” wrote Mr Lim.

As of this writing, China currently has 70,553 confirmed cases of the virus. Japan had the most confirmed cases outside of China, but a distinction has now been made between the cases in the country (66 confirmed cases) and those stemming from the Diamond Princess cruise ship (454 cases), which is docked off the coast of Yokohama, Tokyo.

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Mr. Lim noted that “by comparison, as of last Saturday [Feb 15], Macau had not had a new case for 11 days. It has 10 recorded cases, far fewer than Singapore although it adjoins Zhuhai in China.”

He said that Macau authorities have adopted “stringent measures” to prevent the spread of the virus, measures which Peoples Voice has been asking for, apparently for weeks now.

According to Mr Lim, the Macau authorities have taken the following measures: 1) asking people to stay in their homes, venture out only when necessary, avoid crowds and wear masks at all times, 2) closing down Macau’s casinos for two weeks (despite them being the “economic lifeline of the territory” and 3) attending only to urgent matters of public service (public services in Macau opened today after being closed since the beginning of the month) over the phone or internet to eliminate gatherings in public departments.

Mr Lim said that these kinds of measures, which are “effective because they cut the legs from the virus so that it can be exterminated quickly”, are consistent with a government that “puts people first”.

“It may be a shock to the economy but the agony is not prolonged. And people’s safety is not compromised,” wrote Mr Lim.

Mr Lim cited the People’s Action Party’s (PAP’s) approach by comparison, saying that they want “life to be normal” and therefore, “the cases only increase by the day and go on interminably”.

“People are frightened and the whole economy goes into a tailspin and takes a long time to recover,” said Mr Lim. “That is the signature of a government that puts money above people, but in the end the economy is even worse off!”

Here is his original post:

Kudos To Macau! PAP Should Learn From The Macau Authorities On How To Be Responsible To Our People! In the past 3…

Posted by Lim Tean on Monday, February 17, 2020



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