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Lim Tean and Peoples Voice distribute face masks at Chua Chu Kang, masks went like hotcakes

Mr Lim said in a video post, “You will not believe this, the masks went within 5 minutes, 5 minutes!” The video showed the members handing out packets which had five masks each and a loaf of bread to residents




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Singapore – Opposition party People’s Voice visited Chua Chu Kang GRC and handed out face masks to eager residents recently.

On March 2, People’s Voice founder Lim Tean shared their party’s initiative through a Facebook post with the caption, “Who says Singaporeans don’t want to wear masks?”

Members of the party went to Tech Whye in Chua Chu Kang GRC on March 1 to distribute surgical face masks on top of their Bread-4-All programme.

Mr Lim, through an accompanying video post, said, “You will not believe this, the masks went within 5 minutes, 5 minutes!” The video showed the members handing out packets which had five masks each and a loaf of bread to residents.

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“Singaporeans were so grateful for the masks we distributed this morning,” said Mr Lim. He added that the masks were not easy to come by.

“Our volunteers and our members had to go round the whole of Singapore looking for them, but we managed to come out with a fair bulk, and I’m very happy that People’s Voice has been able to help Singaporeans with some masks today,” said Mr Lim.

He continued by saying that Singaporeans are angry at the situation where it is difficult to obtain masks anywhere, and only a few can do so.

Mr Lim then said that residents are unhappy with the Ministry of Health and how it has handled the outbreak, especially the possibility of lowering DORSCON orange to yellow given the widespread transmission rate of the virus. When a pandemic is about to sweep the world and all the other countries are tightening regulations, tightening their borders, closing their borders, to countries where there is widespread transmission like South Korea, Singapore wants to do the opposite, said Mr Lim.

Lim Tean criticises Gan Kim Yong and the Ministry of Health’s policy on virus management

Senior citizen support
Mr Lim also shared the story of a few elderly citizens he met, one who was 75 years old and still working as a cleaner. When Mr Lim asked the elderly man’s about CPF, the latter replied, “I get S$30 a month from CPF. I have no choice but to keep working.”

We cannot continue with a system like this, Mr Lim said. “People’s Voice will be putting out a programme in the coming weeks and months that will take care of senior citizens and give them dignity and respect,” he added.

PV Distributes Free Surgical Masks in Chua Chu Kang

***PV Distributes Free Surgical Masks in Chua Chu Kang***This morning Peoples Voice carried out one of our regular visits to Chua Chu Kang, a GRC which we shall be standing in the coming GE to represent our Fellow Singaporeans.Alongside our usual Bread-4-All programme in which we distribute loaves of bread, we also today distributed surgical masks to residents.My team and I spoke to many residents and we could feel and hear the anger at their anchor MP who happens to be the Health Minister Gan Kim Yong. They were especially angered and bewildered at the nonsensical statement he issued the other day that if the virus worsens we may LOWER our DORSCON level from orange to yellow! This makes zero sense!Whilst Covid-19 has overtaken events and conversation these past several weeks, there remain very important national issues that the PAP have failed citizens with; and one very important issue that has had huge negative impact is the inadequate and delayed return of our CPF. I spoke with a 75 year old resident who told me they still have a cleaning job as the $30 per MONTH they receive in CPF is of course not enough. Why do so many of our seniors have to work menial jobs because they cannot afford to live? This is not about choice, this is about doing what it takes to survive and keep poverty from devouring them. Peoples Voice will bring back the dignity and reward of being a Senior Citizen in our great country. We will return CPF @ age 55, we will introduce a national minimum wage and we will implement 0% GST on basic living goods as well as many more manifesto points.We call it Making Singapore our Home Again, and Putting People First.If you support our message and would like to do more to spread it, then email me TeanLim1964@gmail.com and type 'Support' in the message subject section.Thank you Chua Chu Kang residents for your warm welcome, Thank you to the many Peoples Voice members and supporters who joined in today and thank you to the digital supporters who helped make and edit the video. The team at peoples voice are of many and continuing to expand. We always welcome new volunteers and supporters. Lim Tean

Posted by Lim Tean on Sunday, March 1, 2020

**Who Says Singaporeans Don't Want to Wear Masks?**Yesterday Peoples Voice distributed masks at Chua Chu Kang and we…

Posted by Lim Tean on Sunday, March 1, 2020

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