Lifestyle "Is $80K for renovating a 20-year-old 5-room flat too high?"

“Is $80K for renovating a 20-year-old 5-room flat too high?”

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“Looking at ways to cut it down at this point.”

SINGAPORE: A local Reddit user asked, “How much did you spend on your reno?” after being charged around S$80,000 for a 20-year-old five-room flat.

u/thewan2345 wrote on r/askSingapore on Thursday that an interior designer he spoke to says that the quote given was for a “full tear down and do up” renovation. Aside from this, the flat also needs complete rewiring that is likely to cost around S$5000, in addition to “furniture and appliance shopping which in this economic climate, isn’t too wallet friendly.”

He also said he is “Looking at ways to cut it down at this point.”

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One commenter who responded told the post author that the quote of S$80,000 was actually quite reasonable, but suggested ways to cut down costs.

“80k for 5-room 20yr-old resale property is pretty standard. Unless OP wants to go the full contractor route. wouldn’t advise going “hybrid” (ID + your own contractor for certain areas) cos it might jeopardise the ID’s timeline (they usually have to coordinate for multiple projects). Takes effort to manage,” added another.

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One wrote, “My recent (6 months ago) reno, 4rm HDB was around 70+ k. IDs was quoting me closer to 80k.”

“Whatever you do, do not scrimp on electric and plumbing/waterproofing. Budget for that first. everything else is negotiable. These 2 items if they go wrong during the duration of stay can be very expensive,” another warned.

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However, a commenter who said he was not a “fan” of renovations also weighed in.

Others agreed that S$80,000 was a reasonable rate.

Many people spent around the same amount.


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