If it can’t be VX, then it should be erectile overdose!


A blogger based in Australia suggested that the attack on the half-brother of the North Korean supremo at the KLIA2 airport was not carried out with a highly toxic substance but with an aphrodisiac instead.

Saying that an answer was needed amid claims by the North Korean high-level delegation to Malaysia was not killed by the banned VX nerve agent.

The North Koreans asked how could the two women survive after being in contact with the UN classified weapon of mass destruction, which would have been impossible to be carried into Malaysia without detection?

The answer said the blogger, is while it is true a chemical substance was used on Kim Jon Nam on Feb 13, the fact that the two women used their bare hands to attack the victim shows that they could not have used the nerve agent.


International chemical experts Ri Ton-il, former North Korean deputy ambassador to the United Nations, pointed out how the two women had used their bare hands to contain the material before applying it on the victim’s face.

“The world’s greatest question is again, the question of the two ladies – they are the ones who directly contained the liquid on the palms of their hands to apply to the face.

“They are the first ones to have contact with this material while the victim died – how did they survive?” the North Koreans asked.

The blogger said deep searches on the Internet – indeed – brought him to identify a potential candidate used in the deadly attack.

The substance, he said, could be a genetically modified chemical said to be capable of attaching to persons of particular genetic traits.

“In this case, the distinction is clearly between male and female, and there is, in fact, a very common and widely used product that can cause death in especially, males,” he wrote.

Death is the downside of the genuine ‘Spanish Fly’, and the main reason it’s much better to be sold a fraudulent dose than a genuine one said the blogger on the aphrodite.

Even a minor overdose can lead to erections long enough that will need medical intervention.

“Any more than that and people exhibit extreme abdominal pain, respiratory and heart problems, renal failure, bloody urine, convulsions, coma, and death.

“The key element to (Spanish fly) is a chemical called cantharidin,” he wrote.

He linked the attack to China, saying Chinese researchers have been doing work on cantharidin for many years and cantharidin products can even be purchased on-line on Alibaba.com.

“Easy access and advanced research combined make modifications easy.

“It is not unlikely that the poison used on Kim Jong-nam was custom made for the purpose,” he wrote,

If true, then this would send the whole investigation into the brazen attack that killed the North Korean potential heir to the throne wide open!

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