Elon Musk has a ‘temper of a toddler,’ according to BBC documentary on his life

Elon Musk can be like a toddler who has a temper of a toddler at times. This is what his former marketing chief has claimed in a BBC documentary titled The Elon Musk Show. The documentary chronicles the life of Musk and how he came to be the richest person in the world.

Tesla’s former marketing chief Colette Bridgman said “Musk once got really angry… and was yelling at me about a mistake that someone on my team made”.

“I wasn’t seeing Elon- I was seeing this person has a temper ,that was taken by anger. It was so bizarre. Like a toddler that was having a tantrum about something, or upset about something.”

“There were moments when he would definitely get upset and you heard of him firing people on the spot. All of that happened,” said Bridgman who left the company in 2017 after 13 years.

“There were a number of times that I witnessed Elon sleeping in the factory, showing people how important it is to be focused on finding a solution. Because if Elon Musk can take the time to sleep there and be there 24 hours a day, everyone else should make the time.”

Space X’s former talent chief Dolly Singh said that she took the bad with the good when working for Musk. “If you mess with the recipe you mess with the mag

In the first episode of the broadcast on October 12, Zip2 vice-president Jim Ambras said: “he would get really angry that the entire company wasn’t there in the office at 9 o’clock at night after looking to see who was sitting at their cubes.”

Apparently, in another interview another former employer of Zip2, a systems engineer, Branded Spikes had told BBC producers that Musk was an unusual fellow who worked late, slept under his desk, and seemingly knew it all.

Interestingly this habit of working late Musk was likely to have been cultivated from childhood as his mother Maye Musk said that she would often struggle to wake him up in the morning because he would stay up all night reading books.

Unfortunately, The Elon Musk Show will only be available in the United Kingdom according to BBC. There are currently two episodes that are already streaming on its iPlayer service.

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