Egg Price in Singapore Drops in Major Grocery Chains Amidst High Food Costs

The egg price in Singapore saw a decrease last week across three major grocery store chains – NTUC FairPrice, Giant, and Sheng Shiong. While this was certainly welcome news, many Singaporeans are still grappling with the broader issue of rising Singapore food prices. Despite the relief brought by lower Singapore eggs prices, the overall food price increase in Singapore continues to be a significant concern.

On Apr 20, NTUC FairPrice announced it was absorbing a 55-cent price cut on a tray of 30 FairPrice eggs until Apr 27, as per a CNA report. The tray of eggs, previously priced at S$7.50, is currently available for S$6.95. Giant is selling a tray of eggs for S$6.50 until Hari Raya Puasa on May 3, offering a one-dollar discount.

Meanwhile, at Sheng Shiong supermarket, a tray of eggs that had been recently priced at  S$7.50, is now selling for S$6.90.

This decrease in the egg price in Singapore comes after consumers noticed an increase in March, leading to many complaints online.

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In a Mar 12 Reddit thread, a netizen expressed surprise at the rise in the egg price in Singapore, saying,, “Wtf I just went to Giant to buy groceries. Nv in my life I ever paid more than $4.95 – $5.30 for eggs at Giant.

Today the cashier goes 30 eggs for $7.20 ah. I’m like huh what do you mean? Does she say u want or not? No choice I’m like I need to buy eggs urgently. Haiz

Wtf…. $7.20 for eggs. That’s a huge increase in price. Like seriously wtf.”

Supply chain issues due to the Covid-19 caused prices of many items, including food, to increase noticeably beginning in the second half of 2021. Furthermore, when Russia invaded Ukraine, one of the world’s biggest grain exporters, on Feb 24, 2022, the situation was exacerbated, and food prices in Singapore rose even more.

As the price of grain, the main ingredient in chicken feed, has gone up, this has naturally affected the egg price in Singapore as well.

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Higher oil prices have also affected prices on a global scale.

While some online commentators welcomed the news of the decrease in Singapore eggs price, others remained less optimistic, with one netizen making a sarcastic remark about the situation.

One netizen dropped the following sarcastic comment about the price of eggs.


Tray of 30 eggs, 55 cents cheaper at FairPrice! Offer lasts from April 20–27

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