Lifestyle Food Domino's offers chewy, cheesy boba pizza

Domino’s offers chewy, cheesy boba pizza

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Will this trend cross shores and come over to Singapore next?

Domino’s Taiwan has taken things to the next step and offered a new boba dessert pizza. The next big food to fill everyone’s tummies and Instagram timelines features a soft, cheesy bread crust topped with even chewier black pearls, mochi balls, and drizzled with honey and brown sugar syrup.

Previous boba-infused food experiments have been met with confusion and even disgust such as the boba beer, boba ramen, boba mooncakes, and the notorious boba fries.

However, Taiwan’s boba-loving population seem to be fans of Domino’s Brown Sugar Boba Pizza with many admiring its ‘Q’ or “chewy” texture, a mark of well-cooked boba pearls.
The boba pizza will only be served for a limited time until the end of Nov 2019, so curious tourists and boba enthusiasts alike are rushing to get a taste.

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Twitter user Lev Nachman tried out the boba pizza for himself and was surprised by how much he liked it.

“They nailed it. Not joking, everyone here needs to try this. The pizza is savory, but it’s sweetened with honey on top, the boba aren’t mushy, and the whole thing is 超級 Q af,” Nachman tweeted.

Domino’s Brown Sugar Boba Pizza is priced at NT$199 (S$8.8).

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According to Vice, Pizza Hut Taiwan is also offering its version of the boba pizza called the QQ Brown Sugar Pearl Big Pizza and costs a much pricier NT$329 (S$14.7).

Other smaller business have offered the chewy pizza fusion in the past such as Taiwan’s Foodie Star, as reported by CNN, who claims to be the first to come up with the recipe back in April 2015. -/TISG

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