Lifestyle Food College kids create app tracking bubble tea expenses

College kids create app tracking bubble tea expenses




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Three college students and bubble tea enthusiasts put their talents and sweet tastes to good use by creating an app that keeps track of how much you spend on the milky, bubbly beverage.

Ryan Yang with his friends Alexander Chen and Callista Wu put their creative, bubble-tea addicted minds together and developed the Boba Watch.

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Twenty-year-old Yang from the University of California-Irvine said in a Facebook post that they probably created the “highest-effort meme” in the history of Subtle Asian Traits (SAT).

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SAT is a Facebook community where members share their experiences growing up in Asian households and oftentimes as a platform to show their  obsession with bubble tea or boba.

In his post Yang said that they saw how some people tracked their boba tea expenses on spreadsheets so they got inspired to create the Boba Watch app.

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“Boba Watch is an ‘app’ you can open in a browser that keeps track of your boba consumption with the help of informative statistics and graphs, all encompassed in a beautiful UI.”

Photos from Ryan Yang.

Users input their expenses and boba purchases on the pastel-hued app interface. There’s even an option to share one’s boba stats to Facebook, for shame or for pride.

Yang said that their latest numbers show the app already has 2,300 registered users at the end of the first day. They also get 300 to 600 unique hits every hour at a constant stream.

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The trio see their app as a fun meme but are still thinking of adding more features due to the app’s popularity.

The app is available for download through its website Boba.Watch using a mobile browser./TISG

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