SINGAPORE: An unhappy netizen took to social media, posting a photo of a chicken piece he had been served that still had quills (that are found at the end of feathers) in the skin. Netizens commenting on the post also pointed out that the chicken pieces still looked bloody.

Served by Fernvale Hawker 东风發! I think the feathers are so obvious that they should remove before serving right? To make things worse, the uncle who served rice and soup was extremely rude,” wrote Facebook user Ong Kai Wei on the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page on Wednesday morning (Apr 12).

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Mr Ong and Tong Fong Fatt Chicken Rice, which has been selling chicken rice for a couple of decades now, for comment.

Netizens commenting on Mr Ong’s post appeared to share his sentiments.

Others pointed out that there seemed to be blood on the chicken or that it had not been thoroughly cooked.

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Some suggested that Mr Ong file a complaint with the Singapore Food Agency.

Many netizens, however, remarked that this is not the first time servers from this hawker stall have been rude.       


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