Uncategorized Dee Hsu rumoured to be victim of domestic violence

Dee Hsu rumoured to be victim of domestic violence

Netizens are even speculating that she may have Stockholm syndrome resulting in her bonding with her tormentor as her declarations of love sound 'false'




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Taiwanese star Dee Hsu is rumoured to be a victim of domestic violence for the umpteenth time. A netizen even claimed that Dee’s declarations of love for her husband are “classic symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome”.

The rumours started 10 years ago in 2010 when reports claimed that Dee often quarreled with her husband Mike Hsu because of her frequent outings to clubs.

On one occasion, it was said that things had gotten so out of hand that the police were called in, which led the media to speculate on the details of the fight. Dee managed to sue the media for the untrue reports but that did not stop them from talking about Mike’s “violent streak” at any given chance.

Likewise, it is the same for some netizens who insist on believing the rumours. Recently Dee uploaded a photo of herself with Mike on Instagram where she declared her love for him.

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She wrote: “I’m not going to explain my life to people who don’t understand what I’ve been through. My husband is the person who loves me and dotes on me the most. I’m the only person in his heart. I’ve loved him for 20 years and I will love him more and more. I’m thankful for everything.”

Although most netizens gushed over their loving relationship, there were some mean comments saying that Mike is a “wife beater”, an “abusive husband” and a “sad excuse for a man”.

Some netizens also hated on Dee, calling her a “spineless woman who can’t leave the person who is hurting her”. One such netizen even claimed that these “false declarations of love are classic symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome”, adding that the host has “developed such a strong bond with him that she can’t tell right from wrong.”

Dee Hsu, Mike Hsu and their children. Picture: Instagram

Fortunately, there were some level-headed netizens who reminded everyone that they shouldn’t believe claims that have been proven false. “If you know that it’s not true but still talk about it anyway, you could end up being sued,” one pointed out. “Please spend the time you wasted writing such nonsense on improving yourself instead.”

There was also one netizen who wrote: “Do you really think Barbie Hsu would let Mike get away with abusing her younger sister? She’d either call the police on him or beat him up herself.”

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