Home News Chee Soon Juan answers Bukit Batok residents' questions on community plans

Chee Soon Juan answers Bukit Batok residents’ questions on community plans

Dr Chee addressed issues such as the running of the estate, town council and social activities as well as how to ensure the safety of residents and an MPs role in representing a constituency




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Singapore – Opposition chief held a heart-to-heart talk with some Bukit Batok residents and addressed municipal issues such as the safety and wellbeing of residents and what he would do if elected as a Member of Parliament (MP).

Dr Chee held a small forum with a few Bukit Batok residents on Friday (July 3) and got to answer their concerns regarding the constituency. Issues such as running the estate, Town Council or social activities, ensuring the safety of residents and an MPs role in representing a constituency were covered during the conversation.

Safety and wellbeing of residents should be the utmost concern of MPs

Dr Chee shared how he recently spotted an area along the Block 155 food centre where the pavement was dug up with no safety barricades and torn tarpaulin sheets were lying around, posing a safety risk for children who play nearby. “It didn’t change until Dr Chee posted a picture (of the area),” confirmed one resident.

“Fundamentally, that’s one of the basic things you must take care of—safety,” said Dr Chee who noted that safety risks must be addressed to avoid injuries and fatalities, even if there is just a one per cent chance they could occur. Another resident confirmed that “things are not running smoothly” in Bukit Batok at the moment despite having raised the same issues years ago.

What are you going to do as MP to help bring the Bukit Batok community together?

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The residents also brought up the lack of ‘kampong’ spirit in Bukit Batok and asked what were Dr Chee’s plans in establishing a more interwoven community among the residents.

“I want to start an enrichment program for students,” replied Dr Chee. The goal is not to raise a grade of “A” to “A plus” but to teach them critical and independent thinking, analysis, collaboration and cooperation because that is the future of tomorrow, he added. Dr Chee shared how excited he gets when he looks at his list of ideas and plans for the constituency. “I’m hoping, this time around, that the residents and voters in Bukit Batok give me that chance…because there is so much potential.”

What drives you, amid persecution in politics?

One of the residents wanted to know what drives Dr Chee to continue his cause, despite continuous “persecution” in politics. “I don’t know…maybe I’ll need a psychiatrist to psychoanalyse me; then I’ll be able to give you a reason,” Dr Chee began, which made the residents burst out in laughter. “I’m just wired wrongly, I guess,” he added. “Wired wrongly, good,” commented a resident.

Dr Chee is contesting in Bukit Batok for the second time, against the current MP, Mr who took 61.2 per cent of the vote in the constituency in the 2016 by-election.

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Conversation with Bukit Batok Residents

Dr Chee met up with some Bukit Batok residents for a good heart-to-heart talk on municipal issues in Bukit Batok, and SDP's plans for the town and the residents. He also spoke about the Bukit Batok fire incident, underscoring the safety of residents. He went on to elaborate on his idea of what an MP should be. Near the end of the session, he shared what went down during the live political debate on Wednesday. To help you get straight to the parts you want to watch:03:20 – How do we run a town council?10:27 – If you became the MP, what would happen to the neighbourhood plans proposed by Mr Murali? 12:40 – Bukit Batok fire incident16:50 – Safety & wellbeing of residents should be the utmost concern of MPs23.00 – What's your idea of the MP role? 30:32 – What are you going to do as MP to help bring the Bukit Batok community together?33:10 – What drives you in what you do when there are so many attacks against you?36:30 – Why don't you smile?#BukitBatok #SDP #4Y1N #CSJ # #CSJForBukitBatok

Posted by Chee Soon Juan 徐顺全 on Friday, July 3, 2020

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