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Cabby gets angry and drives like daredevil after passenger wants to go from Changi Airport to Tampines only

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When the passenger alighted at Tampines, she was “shaking with fear,” vomited and felt dizzy.

SINGAPORE: A woman had a difficult experience when a taxi driver, upset that her ride from the airport was only a little over 8 kilometres which meant the fafe would be small, drove her recklessly from Changi Airport to Tampines.

Not only did the ride frighten her, but it also made her feel ill, a report in 8world says.

The saleswoman, Ms Wu, 34, arrived at the airport at around 6:30 in the evening from a trip abroad on Friday (June 23) and promptly lined up for a cab.

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Since she had brought many things with her, this was the best way for her to get home, and she was relieved when only a few people were lining up for a ride.

The airport staff gave Ms Wu a “premium” black cab, which normally costs more than a regular one.

And while she was aware that the fare would be higher, she agreed, especially since the company she works for allows for travel expenses.

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The cabby, whom she described as a man in his 50’s, was friendly and helpful, at least at first.

However, his attitude changed completely when he discovered that her destination was just in Tampines.

He then warned her that his fare would be higher than usual, and she told him she was willing to pay.

However, presumably, because the cabby was irked, he started driving dangerously, overtaking in heavy traffic and increasing and decreasing the cab’s speed very quickly.

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Ms Wu said she felt that she was riding a rollercoaster.

What’s worse is that she believes he did this on purpose since he looked at her reactions in the rearview mirror.

The saleswoman then spoke up, telling the cabby, “It’s dangerous to drive when you’re angry,” as she had grown concerned for her safety.

He told her tersely that he knew how to drive.

“Do not tell me what to do! That’s enough. I will take you there,” he added.

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She answered that she would have exited the cab if she had known he would be such a reckless driver.

Ms Wu also asked him if he wanted to drop her off.

He told her, however, that he wasn’t “stupid enough” to do that.

When she alighted at Tampines, she was “shaking with fear,” vomiting and feeling dizzy, and sought medical help, with the doctor telling her that what she felt had been because she’d been so frightened.

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The Independent Singapore has reached out to Prime Taxi for further comment. /TISG

UPDATE: June 29, 2023

In an email, Prime Taxi told The Independent Singapore: “All Prime drivers are required to ferry customers to destinations professionally regardless of distance. However, the driver involved has been suspended from driving, and the company is assisting the authorities on the investigation.”

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