Singaporean warns public to be careful after receiving fake RM20 note in Johor Bahru

Armanizam Dolah paid RM50 to a food stall in the bazaar and allegedly received the counterfeit money as change

Photo: FB screengrab

Singapore – On May 12, Singaporean Armanizam Dolah received a fake RM20 note during his visit to Johor Bahru and only found out about it after trying to use the money in another shop.

In a Facebook post the following day, Armanizam shared his experience of how his visit to the Angsana Ramadan Bazaar in Johor Bahru led to some unfortunate events.

“My good friends and I went to the Angsana Ramadan Bazaar in Johor Bahru to do some shopping, to eat good food and just soak in the great atmosphere with the Muslim community in JB that were celebrating the blessed month of Ramadan,” shared Armanizam.

He paid RM50 to a food stall in the bazaar and allegedly received the counterfeit money as change.

It was only after he paid for his haircut, later on, that he realised he was scammed.

“The barber called me back into the shop and told me that the RM20 that I had given to him earlier was FAKE,” wrote Armanizam.

The barbershop staff showed Armanizam a real RM20 note in order to make a comparison.

“To my surprise, it was only then that I realised that the texture and the print of the note is actually slightly different. The FAKE note was definitely thicker than the authentic note and the iridescent stripes (3 shiny stripes on the note) were actually plain foil stickers that I could easily peel off,” said Armanizam.

“It would have been undetectable until you take a closer look,” he added.

Armanizam and his friends quickly went through their cash to make sure there were no more fake notes.

“To all my fellow friends, family and everyone who are (sic) planning to drive across the border in this festive season, please be very careful, vigilant and just spend a quick minute to check on the RM change that you receive wherever you go,” said Armanizam.

He added that the barber may also be part of the scam, exchanging the counterfeit RM20 after Armanizam paid for the haircut. Either way, he strongly urged everyone to “exercise caution and always to remember to check their RM notes.” -/TISG

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Dear all,Yesterday (12/5/2019), I experienced something rather unexpected which caused me to feel paranoid ever since….

Posted by Armanizam Dolah on Monday, 13 May 2019