Man fined $48,000 for not seeking treatment for sick dogs

A female Pomeranian found in poor health conditions (Photo: AVA)

Obbana Rajah

A man was fined $48,000 on Wednesday for failing to bring his sick pets to the veterinarian.

The man, 34-year old Bernat Ong Yan Jie was in-charge of the operations of Pretty Pets Kennel.

According to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), during an inspection in March 2017, they found that four of the dogs at Pretty Pets Kennel were in poor health conditions. Investigations revealed that Ong had failed to seek veterinary treatment for the four dogs under his care.

This is not the first time that Pretty Pets Kennel has been under fire for their poor treatment of animals.

Last month, their licensee 42-year-old Choo Pui Lee, was fined $8,500 for breaching pet farm licensing conditions and keeping dogs without licence. This is because it was found that there was overcrowding of dogs, many of which were unlicensed. AVA also reported that they found damaged metal cages and playpen bedding, which could possibly injure the dogs.

A female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel found in poor health conditions (Photo: AVA)

According to an AVA statement, “For failure in duty of care in the course of conducting an animal-related business, offenders are liable to a maximum fine of $40,000 and/or a jail term of up to 2 years for first convictions”.