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CEO of S.League is Ex-SAF Chief of Artillery earning big salary in FAS




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By: 永久浪客/Forever Vagabond

It was earlier reported that while FAS was only willing to spend $70,000 on local football tournaments and community development, it was more than happy to spend $1.6 million on the salaries of its key management personnel (https://theindependent.sg.sg/fas-spends-70k-on-community-football-but-1-6m-on-salaries-of-key-personnel).

In its annual report, it has listed its key management personnel as:
• General Secretary
• CEO of S.League
• National Coach
• Technical Director
• Director S.League
• Deputy General Secretary

The $70,000 spending to help develop football in the community scene was minuscule compared to FAS’ total revenue of $35.8 million, of which the majority came from Tote board’s donations.

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COL (NS) Lim is former SAF Chief of Artillery

One of its key management personnel is COL (NS) Lim Chin. He is currently the CEO of S.League:

2According to FAS, COL (NS) Lim was appointed as CEO of its S.League in 2012. It was disclosed that COL (NS) Lim is formerly the Chief of Artillery in the SAF.

FAS President Zainudin Nordin then said COL (NS) Lim would bring with him “strong leadership skills and strategic management capabilities”.

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At his appointment, COL (NS) Lim told the media, “I am honoured to join an organisation that has gained recognition and stature both regionally and internationally, and I hope to continue the good work done by outgoing CEO Winston Lee and his team.”

Winston Lee did not leave the FAS but was promoted to become its current General Secretary.

COL (NS) Lim added, “Going forward, I will be working closely with my team to devise the S.League Strategic Plan which will bring to the next level.”

“I look forward to meeting and working closely with our stakeholders including FAS, club chairmen, sponsors, advertisers, media, volunteers and fans as we aspire to raise the standard of our professional league,” he promised.

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COL (NS) Lim gave S.League players a tongue-lashing

Two years later in 2014, COL (NS) Lim found himself in the news when a leaked dialogue which was put , exposed a tongue-lashing incident between him and S.League players from Tanjong Pagar United.

In the meeting, when the players challenged the contribution of the chairman of their club as well as questioned COL (NS) Lim, Lim then exploded:

“The chairman of the club and the management committee (are) above all of you. You are players, nobody is bigger than the club. The chairman heads the club. The management committee is not for you to judge… So I think you all need to know where you stand as a player, as a staff, as a coach. Do not ever question the chairman on his role and responsibility.”

Later, the media approached Lim for comments over the incident and he explained, “It just hurt me to find that the players, in such a big forum and in front of everyone, were questioning Edward’s (chairman) role and what he has done for the club.”

“So, at that moment, I felt that I couldn’t sit down and let this continue,” he added. “My tone was a bit loud but, certainly, I think we empathised with the players who were affected.”

Netizens were criticising him for his tone and choice of words in the exchange. Many think that he has too much SAF baggage with him. One netizen commented, “He talks to people like he got the power to send them to DB (detention barrack).”

Another said, “In other leagues, the millionaire footballers will tell him to go f**k himself and know his place.”

CEO of S.League earns $500K?

In any case, the FAS annual report revealed that the salary ranges of 3 of its top key executives were:
• $200,001 to $300,000 – 1 person
• $400,001 to $500,000 – 2 persons

Presumably, FAS’ top key operating management personnel, the General Secretary, must be receiving a remuneration of between $400,001 to $500,000.

It’s not known if COL (NS) Lim, as CEO of S.League and part of FAS key management team, is also one of the 3 earning big salary in FAS. Most of the FAS revenue, of course, comes from the donations of Tote Board – money from Singaporean punters of 4D, TOTO, Singapore Sweep, sports betting and horse racing.Follow us on Media

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