Anger at Sports Hub's monopolistic behaviour

The most ambitious sports project is facing stormy seas as a monopoly on ticket booking has upset others in the business.

The exclusive rights to selling tickets to all events at the Hub have been given to Sports Tix Hub thus shutting out players like Sistic and the Esplanade.

When Sistic tried to corner the market for itself some time back for events at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and Esplanade, the Competition Commission of Singapore stepped in and imposed a fine of $1 million.

The Today paper, which reported on this, also said fans are complaining of problems getting tickets through Sports Tix Hub for the June 12 Taylor Swift concert at the Indoor Stadium.

The Hub’s software is not up to scratch, many complained.

Midas Promotions director Steven Woodward was quoted as saying: “You got to come into the game playing at the level where it is now and not where it was five years ago. They should be at a standard where Sistic is now.”

The ball is now squarely in the court of the competition commission.