Business & Economy Gadgets Zooming on Huawei's P30 Pro, even hair follicles are visible with this...

Zooming on Huawei’s P30 Pro, even hair follicles are visible with this nifty gadget

The phone's microscopic abilities allows one to examine skin texture in detail and reveal a bank note's binary code




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Singapore – Since the recent release of Huawei’s flagship smartphone, the P30 series, users and tech gurus alike are gushing over the zooming capabilities of the device. Images of handprints, hair follicles, and artists on stage from a general admission seat have been uploaded showing the microscope-like abilities of the phone.

Rix posted some photos of the P30 Pro in action, zooming in on a man’s head showing the scalp and hair follicles, a hand illustrating the skin’s texture, and a bank note revealing its binary code.

Then there’s Twitter user @HovyV2 used the phone as binoculars in a BTS concert.

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Watch the P30’s 50.0x zoom prowess next to an X.

I Spy with PM Lee

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On Saturday, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong took a picture with his iPhone and played a little game of I Spy while spotting the at the SCO concert at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. He wrote on his Facebook post: “I spied PM with my iPhone eye at the SCO evening concert at Singapore Botanic Gardens. Can you make him out? He is wearing a grey T-shirt. — gct”

What perfect timing for the P30 Pro to come into play. Netizen Krissy Kris wrote:

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Huawei joined the game and skillfully marketed the smartphone.

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Photo: Facebook screengrab

Read the post below:

How does it do it?

Android Authority has released its review of the P30 Pro and said, “There are two big ways can still improve substantially, at least until foldables come along. One is the camera, the other is the battery. The Huawei P30 Pro does both. Its advantage over competitors is almost unfair.”

They called the P30 Pro “a superhero of the smartphone world.” The only weakness the smartphone had was its price tag.

To be exact:

P30: S$998 (8GB RAM + 128GB ROM expandable with Nano Memory card)

P30 Pro: S$1,398 (8GB RAM + 256GB ROM expandable with Nano Memory card)

(Price was provided by Singapore Hardware Zone)

Focusing on its camera, the P30 Pro is “in a of its own,” said Android Authority. The images are crisp, with distinct details, pleasant colours, and good colour balance.

It’s zoom ability, in case many are wondering how a phone can function like a microscope, does not work digitally. “Where most phones only support digital zoom, the P30 Pro can zoom in optically up to 5X and then switch to lossless zoom until 10X. If you really want to get close, digital zoom goes up to a whopping 50X. In the real world, you’ll be able to use this zoom ability to capture more detail, frame your shots better, and separate your subject from the background,” explained Android Authority.

According to the review, Huawei was able to achieve that level of zooming capacity because of the more intelligent way the dual cameras are used. Powerful software is utilized to mix data acquired from both cameras at different focal lengths and then uses that to capture more detail as it zooms in on an object.

Closeup of the P30 Pro

Photo provided by Huawei: P30 Pro periscope lens


Photo provided by Huawei: P30 Pro wireless charging

Photo provided by Huawei: P30 Pro Skyblue

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