SINGAPORE: Yet another bus passenger is being censured online after she was spotted putting their feet up on a bus seat, days after a woman who behaved similarly was arrested for public nuisance.

On Monday, Facebook user Pathma Keerthi Bandara posted a photo of a woman seated in a bus seat, stretching her feet out onto the seats in front of her. The photo drew widespread criticism on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page, where it was posted. Some called the bus passenger a “Karen” while others said the woman did not behave appropriately.

Some others asked why the Facebook user was shaming the woman online instead of confronting her in person.

Most of the comments referred to a case that unfolded just a few days prior when a woman was arrested after a video of her poor behaviour on board a public bus went viral on TikTok. The video, uploaded by a TikToker named “bbshidah”, shows the woman having removed her shoes and placing her feet on the opposite seat. She then donned sunglasses and covered her face with a face shield.

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The bus captain intervened, addressing her actions and reminding her that passengers were not allowed to put their feet on the seats. However, instead of heeding the advice, the woman raised her voice at the bus captain.

Determined to enforce the bus rules, the driver took a firmer stance and threatened to involve the police if the woman persisted in her disruptive behaviour. Undeterred, the woman placed her feet on the armrests and continued to hide her face with a face shield and sunglasses.

The video also showed that the woman occupied four seats by placing her bags and belongings on the seat opposite her.

SBS Transit has issued a statement in response to the incident, emphasizing the importance of passengers displaying courtesy and a considerate attitude when using public transportation.

A spokesman for the company said, “Our bus captains are trained to handle incidents on board and follow standard operating procedures. Whenever they become aware or receive an alert, our bus captains advise passengers to stop the behaviour immediately. If a passenger refuses to cooperate, they will contact our Operations Control Centre to report the incident and seek guidance on what to do.”

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The police confirmed that a 50-year-old female passenger was arrested in relation to the case on Thursday evening (26 Oct) and that the investigation is ongoing.