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WP’s Yee Jenn Jong’s book reprinted after just one week as bookstores replenish stock

Copies of the book titled Journey in Blue: A Peek into the Workers’ Party of Singapore, released earlier this month have already run out




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Singapore—Former Non-Constituency Member of Parliament Yee Jenn Jong’s book, Journey in Blue: A Peek into the Workers’ Party of Singapore, was reprinted just one week after publication, with bookstores already ordering new stock.

Mr Yee, who has said that he hopes that his book will give rise to more political discussions among Singaporeans, took to Facebook on Tuesday morning (Dec 29) to say that a fresh supply of his personal stock had arrived, posting a photo of the books that were still in their packaging.

He wrote that he had run out of copies of his book, which was released earlier this month, over the Christmas break and could only ask for additional copies on Monday, Dec 28, when work resumed.

“They informed me that they had to re-print as the bookshops have started to order more, just one week into the book being on the shelves. Really encouraged by the strong support to my new journey as a writer,” Mr Yee added.

But he also had good news for those who are interested in getting an autographed copy, posting a link for these.

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Otherwise Journey in Blue, which is published by World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, is still available at bookstores such as Kinokuniya, Times, Popular, and  Epigram

Mr Yee’s book is a look at the Workers’ Party, of which he has been a member since 2011, as well as opposition politics in general, through an insider’s eyes. Mr Yee used to be part of the WP’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) but was not among the names in the CEC announced after the party’s election on Sunday.

Nor is Mr Yee, who contested in three General Elections (2011, 2015, 2020) planning on running for a seat in Parliament in the future.

He wrote in a Facebook post on Dec 23, “Am I retiring from politics? I will still be with WP but I do not plan to contest any more GEs. Many younger and qualified people have come forward and I do not see the need for me to be actively contesting. What you read is correct – GE2020 would be my final contest.”

He did, however, talk about the three elections he contested in his book, as well as his experiences as an NCMP, and the work he has done as an opposition politician.

Mr Yee also shed some light on the process of telling his story, and what he wants to accomplish:

“I spoke first with several people -ex-political desk reporters, political analysts, and even those critical of WP. Why? I wanted this book to be not just for opposition supporters but for anyone interested to know what it is like to be an opposition parliamentarian and candidate.

The book is not a tell-all book but it is my attempt to promote better political education because I felt people who wish to write about us or criticise us can first better understand what it really is like in the WP of today which I was privileged to have played some role in the years that we transformed to be the leading opposition party.

And because I do not intend to contest in future GEs, it has become easier for me to offer my frank views.” —/TISG

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