A woman dating a guy she met on social media found his behaviour with her to be rather suspicious, especially since she realised they had only gone on two dates in four months.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman wrote that she met the guy on a dating app and has been dating him since February. She wrote on Thursday (Jun 16) that they had different days off from work as he worked a 9-5 job, but she did not. She added that she would also stay nights at his house.

“Until today we only date twice, he never introduce me to his friends and family, also we both don’t have each other social media”, the woman wrote. However, she added that while the guy claimed he was not active on social media, she found his account where he was following over 900 people. Questioning his sincerity, she noted that they were both caring and affectionate towards each other, texting daily but never speaking on the phone.

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In her post, the woman wrote that she recently realised that the guy had his profile still active on the dating app and found that he also kept memorabilia from his past relationship. He would keep photographs or gifts from his ex-girlfriend.

Heartbroken, the woman added that she felt the guy was still thinking about his ex-girlfriend and that his behaviour was suspicious.

“I only have one ex and hope y’all can give me some advice”, she wrote, asking others on the page for their thoughts on the matter.

Here’s what they said:

Recently, a man trying to figure out the intentions of his date took to social media to ask other netizens for their opinions on the matter.

In an anonymous post also to SGWhispers, the man wrote that he met the girl online and spoke to her for a while. After they met and had a date in a café, the man wrote that he felt they “really enjoyed company of each other (talking for almost 5 hours with jokes and everything)”. He added that the girl even paid for coffee and dinner despite his assistance.

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“During our meeting we came to know that I like cooking one of her favorite dish. So we planned to meet on Wednesday”, the guy wrote. The next day, he added that the girl had messaged him cancelling their appointment because she claimed to have something else going on that day. However, when he proposed another day for them to meet up, “she said she not possible for this month. I know she quit her job recently and not doing anything special except preparing some documentation to move to New Zealand for work”, he wrote.

Man asks why his date enjoyed coffee with him, even agreed to a meal at his place on another day, but suddenly said she was not free for the rest of the month